PODCAST – Intuition and Psychic Activation in Business w/Ashley Rose

In Episode 56 of The Wild Womn Hotline, we are joined by Oracle and Spiritual Business Mentor, Ashley Rose, who teaches us about the nuances of intuition, and how to both activate, and then utilize your psychic gifts to build a conscious business that unlocks the wealth you desire.

Throughout this conversation, Ashley introduces the Wild Womn Fam to the many aspects that contribute to intuition development, while myth-busting the common misconceptions that ultimately hold people back from fully utilizing their abilities. 

As a previous client of WWH, Ashley also shares how working with Brand Strategist and Founder, Tristan Thibodeau, helped her to claim a new identity and step into her next level of expansion, income, and impact.

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In this episode we discuss…

  • Ashley’s story of healing from abuse, rewriting her story, and harnessing the power of transformation
  • What your intuition ACTUALLY is and why learning to activate your psychic gifts is helpful for excelling as an entrepreneur 
  • How to discern between imagination and intuition so you don’t live in fear of your gifts
  • Is it intuition, or is it conditioning? Why it’s important to know the difference, especially if you tend to hold back on business decisions because your institution told you to.
  • How do we allow our higher self to lead us in life and business 
  • Is success in business all a game of energetics? Ashley weighs in.
  • Building trust in the body, and faith in the unknown
  • What does it mean for things to be an “energetic match” for your Higher Self?
  • How to navigate the transition of letting go of what is no longer for you
  • What’s the difference between psychic activation and intuitive development?
  • Ashley’s experience working with WWH and how it helped her claim a new identity 

Meet the Host and Guest Expert

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The Host

Tristan Thibodeau is the founder of Wild Womn Haus and is a brand strategist for entrepreneurs in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brand industries.

She specializes in helping companies create and maintain their image. She works with market research, industry analysis, and consumer trends to offer strategic insights for brands so that they can enhance their marketing efforts and grow their bottom line. 
Follow her on Instagram @tristan.wildwomnhaus and follow the agency on Instagram @wildwomnhaus and TikTok @tristan.wildwomnhaus!

This is a decorative image for the Wild Womn Haus editorial titled “Intuition and Psychic Activation in Business w/Ashley Rose”.

The Guest Expert

Ashley Rose, Oracle and Business Mentor, is a highly respected psychic activator who leads others to build conscious businesses that unlock their wealth.

In working with her spirit guides, Ashley guides her clients to take their intuition to the next level. Through a unique combination of psychic gift activation, practical business strategies, sacred sales, and energetic mastery, she helps spiritual business owners to create an aligned model that is designed by the mind, body, and spirit.

Links and Resources

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This is a decorative image for the Wild Womn Haus editorial titled “Intuition and Psychic Activation in Business w/Ashley Rose”.

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Audio Transcript

[00:00:00] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Ashley Rose, my sweet sister, 

My boo, a friend, my wolf sister. Can you tell the Wild Womn fam your story of getting started or even what took you from the beginning to where you are now as a psychic activator, as a business mentor? All of the jazz. You can tell the long and a short story. I’ll leave it up to you.

[00:00:25] Guest: Ashley Rose: Oh my God. It feels like it feels so long ago. You know? So it feels like a different story now. One that I’m not totally, I’m not disconnected from it, but it doesn’t feel like me anymore, you know? Yeah. I, um, Just going through my own healing process from, you know, sharing containers with you when we were with Brandy and like all the, you know, different things that we did to like, really work through the trauma and free ourselves from, you know, the [00:01:00] trap of what your story says that you are mm-hmm by society standards. Mm-hmm. , you know, mm-hmm. , like being the exception to the rule or, you know, the one that, and this used to irritate me, this used to irritate me. It used to get a lot of like, well, you’re doing really well considering, Right. Considering right. Um, but along, you know, a childhood of mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, um, abandonment, all the things you name it.

It was, it was part of my story. It was definitely, you know, if you opened up the a psychology book and looked under all these different diagnosis, you’d see my name there, you know, And through the journey I really like connected with how much I loved the transformation. I loved how I was seeing my life [00:02:00] transform.

I loved how some things that were really difficult for me before in the past, like crucial conversations, um, planning, you know, for the future. All the things once you’re out of survival and you get back into your body and you actually feel that, you know, relief. Oh, I’m present. I’m here. I’m not there anymore.

I’m not in stuck in the house anymore. I’m not with, you know, that aunt that hurt me. I’m not homeless anymore. Like, oh my God, I’m actually living in a really nice place. I have a job. Like I’m, I’m here, I’m present. And throughout, you know, the process of like certain trainings through the landmark of education, um, different retreats that we went to, sitting in medicine, all the things, I really started to come back to that inner light that I felt when I was a kid.

You know, I remember, I don’t remember if I was in like first or second grade, but I remember being in line to go into the library and I [00:03:00] had this feeling that I was gonna be the president of the United States , like, you’re all welcome that I You’re welcome trying to be the president of the United States.

You know, who knows, Maybe that’s what we need, but, I, I had this, this, just, this feeling, this big feeling within my body. My knowing even at a young age that I wanted to create an impact. I wanted to help many people. I wanted to make the wrongs right, and I was a huge advocate for women’s rights. I was a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community.

I was like equality, equity, all the things. And I didn’t really know then what that would look like. You know? And who fucking figured that it would be talking to spirit guides and connecting to the universe, and bringing in, you know, your galactic family so that you can heal past generational trauma so that you can release any old limiting [00:04:00] beliefs so that you can tap into your unique gifts and magics that.

Basically punished for, for practicing when I was younger, you know? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Um, yeah, fast forward and just learning how to follow my intuition, saying yes to get on a plane for a business, uh, event that I had no idea who was running it, what it was about. I only knew it was New York and I, and I knew that I had to spend the last of my $300 in my account on a fucking flight ticket cause someone else is gonna take it and everything, you know, everything shifted from there.

[00:04:33] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Yeah. And I, I love how at the very beginning, and this is really what I think people need to perk their ears up when it comes to. Intuitive development, psychic activation, and working with somebody that can offer you this type of support and mentorship when in business is, Yeah, there is an extent of safety that you have to learn to create in your body.

Yeah. That developing your intuition and [00:05:00] activating your psychic gifts is really something that can help you do that. And just speaking from personal experience, I’m somebody that has always had a very strong intuition and have always known that I could do things here, things see things that other people couldn’t, had no language for it.

But also growing up, went through a lot of trauma that made me feel on edge, anxious, depressed, constantly. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And so when I became an entrepreneur, The littlest things would send me into a tailspin of anxiety and depression because it felt like a life or death situation. Cuz that’s what my nervous system had gotten used to responding to.

Yeah. And there was the most agonizing experience that I was living in that I think contributed to my lowest lows of depression, where I had the same feeling of like, I am so meant for [00:06:00] bigness. I can feel it. I know I’m meant to be a huge leader for women. I know all of these things. And at the same time, I couldn’t do the work.


I literally couldn’t show up because my body was constantly fighting me and my nervous system was constant. It’s not even fighting me, it was just constantly fighting. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And there was this internal agony that I felt of, it was like this, like. Battle between what I knew I was meant for versus the reality of what I could currently handle and do and show up as.

And it was the most painful thing in the world. And ultimately the things that helped me transition out of that were very much healing, trauma, learning how to communicate with myself in a completely different way. Yeah, developing my intuition so that I can make decisions based on what feels aligned and true for me.

Yeah. Learning how to tune out [00:07:00] things that I used to hold really important, like I’m still very much in people pleasing and I still will always kind of want people to be happy. And the amount that I hold that in terms of importance in my decisions is much different now because of all the inner work that I’ve done.

On top of that, developing my intuition and developing my psychic gifts. Yeah. Has made me realize that the world is not what I thought that it was growing up. Yeah. And I have a completely different perspective on what’s possible, how things can happen. You know, really stretching myself beyond my little human mind and thinking beyond what I physically see as possible.

Right. Yeah. So all of those things combined have what is what have gotten me to where I am today. And before we started recording guys, I was sharing with Ashley how I started working with a publicist and literally, one of the first pieces of press that we got was a full feature [00:08:00] in Forbes. And I’m like, I’m sorry, what?

Like, mind blown. Me a year ago even would not have been able to get to that point because of the stretch that needed to happen for me to write a quality piece to be featured in Forbes. Right. Like it just wouldn’t have happened. And I owe a lot of that to my intuitive development and trauma healing and all of the things.

[00:08:24] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah, yeah. Working like with you, watching you develop your intuition and receive your guides and like actually face, because it’s not always, it’s not comfortable. No intuition development is, is great and fun in theory, but actually doing it means that we gotta take ourselves into the body and we gotta look at what’s still there.

What’s the underlying, you know, um, blockage from like really experiencing intuition for you and not something that’s happening to you. Right. Mm-hmm. , because we all learn, like [00:09:00] our first experience of intuition is through protection. Mm-hmm. , it’s that feeling like something bad’s gonna happen. It’s that looking at somebody and knowing and feeling that they’re not safe.

Mm-hmm. . Right? So that’s how we learn to trust our intuition from the beginning. So when we’re faced with challenges in business or in family or in personal relationships and things like that, we will listen to the fear, thoughts as intuition. We will think and receive them that they’re the intuition.

Mm-hmm. . And until you actually do the work and start regulating your nervous system and bring yourself to a soft space, you actually don’t get to experience the gift of intuition in that it’s peace and, and flow and Right. You know, love. Yeah. 

[00:09:45] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Yeah. And the only reason I’m laughing is because, um, When you know, I’ve worked with Ashley in the past to develop my intuition and develop my psychic abilities because I think anybody that is being called to develop their intuition has always had a feeling that they can, They’re [00:10:00] different.

Than other people in a really interesting way. And you’re like, I can’t put my finger on it, but I just know things or I can feel things or like, that’s the experience that everybody says, right? Yeah. Like when I started working with you, it was because I had like not a near death experience, but I was hit by a truck.

Like literally I was walking, I was walking in a parking lot and this truck like whipped in going way too fast. Oh, I remember. Remember that? And I felt, I felt it coming. I didn’t see it until it was literally hitting my body, but I felt it coming. I put my hands up and pushed myself off of it. And I’m like, how did I know to do that?

That was not just instinct. That was literally like I felt it coming. Yep. And protected my body and like literally pushed myself off of this gigantic fucking like lifted Houston Texas truck. Like God damnit you country boys and your fucking trucks. But anyway. It’s those sorts of things where it’s like that acknowledgement of [00:11:00] like, I know I can do something different, but the original reason I was laughing is because you’re so right when it comes to discerning between your imagination slash your fear and actual intuition or presence of something.

And I know that was a big thing that you and I worked through because I have a wild imagination. My dreams are the most vivid, long, dramatic storylines. Like I tell my dreams to Kyle and he’s like, Um, are you good? I’m like, This is just a normal night for me. Like, I don’t know. 

Right. . And so I’m laughing because I, when I really started to develop like my mediumship and my ability to communicate, I felt like I was constantly in the presence of things and that there were beings around me all of the time.

I’d get up in the middle of the night and I’d have a panic attack. Cause I felt like there were things around me and maybe there were, but that was more so. My fear stepping in and my imagination stepping in, threatening that I was in [00:12:00] danger versus just being like, 

Oh, hey, what’s up? How you doing, grandpa, I’m gonna pee now so you can stay in here, but like, you’re gonna see a lot of me.

Right? Like it’s just that’s, and you’re so right, like there is such a distinction. So how can people that are looking to develop their intuition that maybe have been afraid of it, or that have had scary experiences where like, I never wanna open that can again, I’m closing it. Yeah. How do you start to discern between imagination and real experiences?

[00:12:29] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. So it’s, it’s a really delicate space to move into because imagination is like the, the juice of manifestation, right? So we don’t really wanna cut people off from running wild with their imagination. What we wanna do is get them to a place where they don’t lean into that with the worst case scenario.

Right. So like somebody coming into your room at night, worst case scenario is they’re, they’re bad energy. They’re negative energy. They’re, you know, they’re [00:13:00] going, you’re 

[00:13:00] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: gonna grab my ankle and drag me outta bed. Right. How many Watch, watch I watched, that’s the movies that I watched. 

Yeah. With like paranormal quote unquote activity where like something grab literally grabbed your ankle and drags you down the hallway.

Like that’s what my mind goes to, right? 

[00:13:14] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes. Yes. Yes. For me it was like that scene from Freddie Kruger where you’re, cuz you have sleep paralysis, right? You ever experience sleep paralysis? This is like the way that the body is really recovering through severe trauma. And in the dream state there’s this beautiful space that you can kind of play in.

Um, but when you’re, when you’re having a dream around fear, it, your nervous system starts to respond within the body while you’re still sleeping. So like you become paralyzed or you lose your breath or all the things. And there are beliefs that these are negative energies that are, you know, above you and all that.

But when you do this work and you, and you are in alignment with love and light and God, the universe, however you, you see it, [00:14:00] this is, this is like, I haven’t had sleep paralysis in forever because I know and I understand that I’m connected to something higher and greater. And so when it had come through in the last couple of times that it did happen, I understood that my nervous system was, was activated and in the dream state, the body.

Going into the fawning space for safety. So you like freeze and there are other studies that you know show otherwise the chemical imbalances and all the things. But in the spiritual aspect, what you’re experiencing is an opportunity to like really heal something in that space. So I’ll take myself back into that, but just to go back to the point that we were making, it is learn.

It’s less about learning to differentiate what imagination is and more of like really coming to face what you’re actually afraid. Mm, Right. Like really coming face to face. Like, what am I actually afraid of here? And so like even in business, when we, when we talk [00:15:00] business intuition, most people are like, I feel like my intuition’s telling me not yet, like, not to launch this.

Don’t start this yet. I’m not prepared. And really what it’s saying is what’s happening is that you have a history of events that you failed at. There might be things that you felt like you weren’t good enough at, somebody made you do wrong somewhere. And you wanna be prepared for that worst case scenario.

And so you, what you’re really battling is an old experience that you’re still relating to as your current reality. And with intuition, you get to come in and kind of learn how to create safety within your body and then how you’re receiving yes and no responses to, you know, even based off your human design, just your makeup and the way that you connect.

And then you can open up to actual guidance. And I promise you, I promise you, intuition is never going to tell you not to start now. 

[00:15:53] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm. Say more about that. 

[00:15:54] Guest: Ashley Rose: It’s never, Yeah, it’s never, it’s never that. It’s never that. 

[00:15:58] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: So what do you mean by your [00:16:00] intuition is never gonna tell you not to start now? 

[00:16:02] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. So our intuition is, for us, it is always, it is a higher sense that we have, that we’re all born with, That we’re created from, you know, like we’re created from the universe.

We have conversations about the actual, literal magic that makes us up. Right? And with intuition, you’re connected to that, that source you’re connected to, that power, you’re connected to that knowing, that love that that piece. Whenever we’re asking ourselves questions around our desires, something we wanna do, our desire is placed within us through the universe like it is already done.

Because it is. It is literally being created by the magic that you’re made up of. So when intuition comes through, intuition’s going to guide you and show you how to move forward. It will never, ever tell you that you’re not good enough, you’re not ready. You can’t learn all these things. These are [00:17:00] conditions, these are conditioning from your past, conditioning from society, conditioning from, you know, your competitors in the way that.

For women the way that we are, have constantly been in competition with one another. So we’re afraid to really be seen and be witnessed by other women and move into a space where we all get to play together, make money, live our, live our dreams, and create wealth, you know, and all the things. So you have to take a look at what, where this is coming from, the conditioning, because intuition is soft, intuition is safety, intuition is, is peace.

You know? So you’ll have that full connection. And there’s just, just knowing that I can do this big thing like you were talking about earlier, you know that there’s this big, big life within you and your intuition is your map is your. To living out that, that dream and that purpose. 

[00:17:51] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm. Okay. So question, because there is a difference.

You’re explaining that there is a difference between what [00:18:00] your intuition is and then what your fear voice is. Mm-hmm. , what about, and let’s keep using business. Let’s say that I’m walking into an investor’s meeting and the second I step foot in the room, I’m overwhelmed with, Oh hell no. Get out. 

[00:18:17] Guest: Ashley Rose: Mm-hmm.

[00:18:17] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: and it’s not necess. Let’s just say it’s not something that I’m necessarily afraid of. Would this still be something that, is your intuition communicating with you that this is not for you? Cuz you just said your intuition’s never gonna tell you that something is not for you. Or is that some sort of like primal nervous system response still?

[00:18:35] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. So it’s tricky in the beginning, but as you practice, this will happen faster and faster and faster. It’ll just be your way of. Life your way of living, right? But in the beginning, when you’re practicing, you are really wanting to learn this so that you can utilize your intuition for your highest and greatest good.

You wanna ask yourself, what is this feeling that I’m feeling? Am I intimidated? Am I nervous? Is this a different [00:19:00] conversation than I’ve had before? Is there a lot at risk in on the line? You know, is this my edge for stepping in as my higher self? Because if my who I am currently and how I, how I relate to myself is feeling overwhelmed in this moment.

Is this where my higher self gets to come through? Is that what my intuition is showing me? That it’s time to drop into my body, create the safety within my vessel because I’m committed to getting this done. I’m committed to doing this. I’m committed to, you know, growth and all the things, and it’s it, like we said earlier, it’s not.

It’s not always going to feel good. 

[00:19:39] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. , 

[00:19:40] Guest: Ashley Rose: it’s not always going to feel good, but you’ll feel safe when you’re connected to your intuition in it. Mm. 

[00:19:46] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Okay. Amazing. So let’s say, and you just talked about does my higher self need to step in? Yeah. Which I love that conversation and I wanna hear more about, let’s say we are in that [00:20:00] response of, this is not actually my intuition, this is me being intimidated or anxious or afraid, or whatever it may be.

How do we a call in our higher self? Is it even a calling in? Like how does that process work to where we let our higher self come in and not take over, but like lead. 

[00:20:19] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Um, for some people, depending on where they’re at with their practice, will need a, a moment to breathe and call her in and like really let it land.

And there’s many different ways that you can do this for me, because I live an intuitively led life, like a really letting my intuition come in and play a part within me as me, right? Like it’s a connection. Um, it is just something I kind of like, just bring in, I bring on. And when you can learn that who I am as the witness, I’m the witness of my experience that creates the space for the higher self to then lead.

[00:20:57] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:20:57] Guest: Ashley Rose: And I just get to experience it. 

[00:20:59] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: [00:21:00] I love it. 

[00:21:00] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:21:01] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: I really got the other day, . This is me. Okay. I’m fiery. I’m a little ratchet. Like I am not the. Like, like pa not passive, but like flowy type of individual I’ve tried to be, and it just like kills my fire. So I feel very good expressing. But here’s the funny part to it, is I hit a point other other day where I really got the concept of observing my experience without needing to necessarily pause and step back and go in a quiet space and breathe like I was able to in the moment while I was activated, observe my experience, which, which was something new.

But essentially what was going on is. There is a lot happening in the background right now that people are not seeing. I am planning a wedding. I am flipping a house. I am growing the agency. I am building our team. I am doing all of this. P [00:22:00] there is a lot fucking going on that people don’t see. Right? And on the back end of that, I’m experiencing the sensations of that stretch.

I’m feeling what I perceive to be anxiety and stress and overwhelm, and just the desire to shut down and push it all away and run away from it, right?

[00:22:20] Guest: Ashley Rose: Mm-hmm.

[00:22:21] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: I’m sitting in that sensation and I’m going, You know what? I’m fucking sick of this . I am fucking sick of this. We are not gonna get where we wanna go living in this state, and I’m done with it, right?

And so there’s this experience of observing all of these emotions coming up, and it wasn’t even a. , go away. I don’t wanna feel you. It was a I see you, I love you, and I’m going to choose differently. 

[00:22:50] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes, 

[00:22:50] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: I’m going to tell myself that I am only in control of what, I’m in control of, that I’m gonna respond the best way that I know how.

And at the end of the day, it’s gonna [00:23:00] work out the way that it works out. And there’s just this experience of observing all of this intensity, like brewing beneath the surface, which is where, when we’re in launch, when we’re rebranding, when we’re launching a new brand, when we’re pivoting our business, these are the sensations that come up, these big, huge stretches as an entrepreneur that are either new or really intense, right?

[00:23:22] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yep. Yep. 

[00:23:23] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And this is where that ability to regulate a, but then also have that connection with your higher self to say, I don’t care how scared I am right now, or how overwhelmed I am right now, where I’m going is so much bigger than this experience that I’m having right now. 

[00:23:38] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes, yes. Yes, Yes. 

[00:23:42] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And being able to observe that in the moment while it was, while it was happening, and having a little bit of anger and frustration come up.

Not in a disempowering way, but in a, We’re over this. 

[00:23:53] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:23:53] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: We’re moving beyond this. 

[00:23:54] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:23:55] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: This is not us anymore. This is not how we handle situations anymore. That [00:24:00] anchoring would not have been possible had I not had that intuitive development with myself and that connection with my higher self. 

[00:24:07] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Yeah. Disassociative disorder is, is. Extremely powerful for protection, but also so detrimental to the soul and growth. Right? And the, the more that you can practice feeling safe in the, in your body and trusting your intuition in that I wouldn’t be here doing these big things if it wasn’t for a higher, greater purpose that is beyond me.

This is beyond me. So it’s not about me anymore. It’s not about my experience anymore in this moment. It’s about the vision and it’s about that, and it’s, it moves a conversation, especially when you’re so aligned with your mission and you’re aligned with your messaging and it, it just takes you into this space where this is, this is not even like, I want to do this.

It’s not even that I have to do [00:25:00] this. It is, I must do. , I must do this because you understand that this is not about you anymore. Mm-hmm. . And that separation is so beautiful and so powerful, and I love what you’re saying because what you’re doing is you’re literally rewriting the things that make up your identity, the way you relate to yourself, the way other people can relate and rely on you to be able to be that person and get shit done.

And to, you know, just be powerful. Be somebody who keeps their word. Be somebody who understands that there’s problem solving to, to do, Be someone that knows that, okay, if I don’t know this, and I don’t know about you, but this was big for me, if I don’t know this, I’m not stupid, I’m not dumb, I’m not worthless, I’m not, you know, um, weak or powerless.

I can learn. And that’s it. Mm-hmm. , and that’s [00:26:00] it. Mm-hmm. . And, you know, this brings in like the energetics in business, like the actual energetics in business. That’s like, I, it’s a whole other playground, you know? Mm-hmm. , I spill coffee all over me because you know how I am . So I’m gonna, Tristan has literally like saved me from getting my hair caught on fire.

[00:26:20] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: This bitch. I love you. I love you like a sister. Like you are a sister. Do. You are. And that’s, that’s kind of like when you, we were at this retreat, everybody listening, and she was leaning over to get something. She was like filling her plate and there was an open flame going on the stove. And I’m like, Bitch, you literally almost burnt half your hair off.

What is happening right now, . 

[00:26:43] Guest: Ashley Rose: I, I am like a fairy. I’m all over the place. 

[00:26:45] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: You are. You’re a fairy. It’s amazing. But I wanna talk more about the energetics in business because I just had one of the most incredible conversations. about, um, feminine and masculine energy and business. But I also [00:27:00] just wanna hear your perspective on energetics and business in terms of how we navigate it, how it works, and then how we can really leverage it to help us create this huge vision that we have.

[00:27:12] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Yeah. So it’s interesting when I, I started my career as a shadow integration and trauma coach, right? So it was more about rewriting the scripts, learning how to regulate the nervous system, and really like just, I had a really radical approach to all of this. It was like, hurt, pain, burn it down, rise again.

You know, the whole thing. 

[00:27:38] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Roll yourself in the ashes, . 

[00:27:40] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah, Yeah, yeah. I definitely wasn’t someone that was like breathe and stretch and all the I do now. Now, but in the, in the beginning process, it was more about alchemizing, anger, alchemizing, um, shame and guilt and all the things that we’ve had to work through, [00:28:00] right?

With our, with our past and our journey. So when I stepped into business, I got right away that this is all energetic, this game that everyone’s playing this, this, you know, big room of women that are claiming all this money and all the things. The only thing that set me aside from any of. , you know, when I was working three jobs as a single mom, like do struggling, is that I’m still vibrating at a level that’s creating more struggle within my experience.

Right? So energetics for me was like, all I learned about it, frequency and vibration and elevation and like that, that realm, masculine and feminine wasn’t introduced to me until like maybe a year after my career. And I was just like, fuck, Feminine energy , fuck that. You know? I was like, I, I’m, I am a full force.

Like you said, I’m fire, I’m an activator. You know, my first bus, a Kiara first business coach, my, my [00:29:00] first business coach, she was, She’s like, You can just go into a room and like, everyone’s gonna feel you and everyone’s going to know that you’re gonna kick them in their ass and you’re gonna get them moving.


[00:29:11] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm.

[00:29:12] Guest: Ashley Rose: So I always recognize that as masculine energy. 

[00:29:15] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm.

[00:29:16] Guest: Ashley Rose: Because masculine energy is penetrative. 

[00:29:18] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm.

[00:29:18] Guest: Ashley Rose: Right? It is the doing part of things. So I, I also was like a tomboy when I was growing up. I played on the guy’s football team in junior high. Cause I wanted to prove that women can do, girls can do anything and you know, all the things.

It was, it was insane. 

[00:29:34] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: That was badass. 

[00:29:35] Guest: Ashley Rose: Do you imagine I’m five three. 

[00:29:37] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: You’re tiny. Like literally when we say fairy, like she might as well have wings. I’m not even You are very That’s amazing. I love that . 

[00:29:46] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Yeah. So energetics in business is about how. . If you look at Abraham Hicks and how she talks about the emotional skill, right?

So looking at this logically versus energetically, logically, [00:30:00] you understand that if I want to create more happiness, what I need to do is create happiness in my life, be happy in my life, right? But the energetic piece is like, what does happiness actually feel like, and how can your body hold that for longer periods of time before you believe that the shoe’s gonna drop and things are gonna go back to the way they were, right?

And so that’s what we were, when we were talking about like my imagination versus intuition, is that we’re constantly replaying these scenarios that happened and trying to find the patterns in all of it so that we can prepare ourselves for this again, but energetically when we’re talking about, uh, alignment and higher vibrations, and you have to like, um, what is the word?

Not really acclimate you, but calibrate to a new level. What it is, is you’re showing your brain that there is another way of life with more than just the trauma, the [00:31:00] suffering, the sadness, and all the things. And so as you’re calibrating to this vibration around money, around all the things, right? Like walk into a, a high brand store, like a luxury brand store, and you can feel the difference because sales is all about energy, frequency, vibration.

I would rather walk into a really beautiful top brand, you know, space than to walk into Walmart. 

[00:31:27] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:31:28] Guest: Ashley Rose: I’m trying to hit like a 50 k launch. 

[00:31:32] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Right. And this is kind of like. I, This is a great segue into talking about your relationship with money, your relationship with wealth, your relationship with investing and receiving. This is one of the biggest, most worthwhile yet challenging dynamics that I have learned to navigate better.

I’m never gonna be perfect at it. This is a lifelong path, but I’ve learned to navigate [00:32:00] it better to where I don’t completely turn into a puddle of goo when I make a big investment, that I’m not entirely sure where the money’s gonna come from. Right. 

[00:32:10] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:32:10] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: I have so much faith in the world and so much evidence from previous times that I’ve made big stretches that every single time I do something, it comes back tenfold.

And that is ultimately, there’s no, there’s no like, Scientific proof of that. It’s all anecdotal, but I, that’s the reality that I exist in, right? 

[00:32:31] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yep. 

[00:32:31] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And so it comes down to developing that relationship. And I, I wanna tell a quick story about when I was, when we first launched the agency, and I was really trying to step into this higher self, CEO, high worth, high net value, incredibly powerful industry leading expert that I am trying to grow to be right, Is I would spend hours in the mall just sitting in Dior sitting in Prada, like [00:33:00] just literally soaking up that vibration because it is so different than going into a TJ Max, right?

[00:33:07] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes. Yes. 

[00:33:08] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And it really did shift the way that I physically moved, the way that I thought about things, the way that I responded to things, because I was like, If I am a millionaire, would I be worrying about this? Absolutely. Fucking not. 

[00:33:22] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes. 

[00:33:22] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: So I’m not gonna worry about it, right? Yes, yes. So can we talk more about developing this relationship and how intuition plays a role in that? And even how psychic activation plays a role in that? 

[00:33:34] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. I love that. I love that you’re asking this question and that you led with that example because it is, remember we were talking about intuition is in the body and we feel in the body, and the reason that we don’t wanna totally disregard imagination is because before we become the person that is doing all the things right, that matches the big energy that we feel [00:34:00] we, when you’re, when I was working at the medical field, I felt a huge disconnect.

I was really good at what I did. I was one of the highest paying, uh, MAs in this, in the space. I was a surgical tech, like I was an achiever. My managers trusted me with everything and I was just like, There’s more, there’s more, there’s more. But the body needs to be able to hold the trust and the faith, like you said, I had the faith.

And that faith piece comes from remembering that you don’t have to do this on your own. You actually aren’t able to do it on your own. And when you can find your true inner self that’s connected to all it is through the body and through the feminine. Vibration for us. And sometimes it’s, it’s, it’s masculine for others, and it just depends on what your, you know, your key, uh, energetic is.

But when I’m connected to that and I trust that, then that means that I’m going to start to [00:35:00] recognize the other vibrations that are a match for me. And anything that is not a vibrational match for me will not feel comfortable or safe in my body, right? Mm-hmm. . So walking into a luxury brand and you’re looking at a purse, and this purse is like six, $7,000.

The old previous self that didn’t recognize that didn’t, wasn’t connected to her vibration, her highest vibration is not going to feel even safe or comfortable or even imagine that she could be, she could have this purse. She might go into, How can I find this on sale? She might go into like, Where’s the knockoff?

She might go into like, because she wants it. She recognizes a part of her that wants it. Right? And when she does, when we do the practice and when we’re intuitively in touch with our inner light and our inner knowing and our, in our trust in the universe, we have this, this key, uh, feeling [00:36:00] within ourselves that recognizes anything else that’s a vibrational match to that highest frequency.

And so walking into Dior and sitting in there, yes, it’s uncomfortable because the human experience has gotten used to this or the human experience is trying to logically understand or make it okay or right, that you a want it, you want it. Like, let’s, like, let’s not even just drop the shame that is created around wanting more, 

Two. It is part of your identity. It is. It is part of you. Part of like what you desire to create in your life. And three, you’re recognizing it because it’s already yours. 

[00:36:41] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm.

[00:36:42] Guest: Ashley Rose: It’s already yours. So the more that you practice this and you learn how to feel that, and that’s through intuition practice. We can’t feel things unless we regulate the nervous system and we understand and know and trust the feeling of connection.

Right. That true connection. [00:37:00] Then anything around me that’s vibrating at a lower level or outside of that’s not a match for me, I’m gonna wanna drop off. That starts to be uncomfortable. Not the things that make you happy cool girls. The flips. Mm-hmm. , right? It totally flips. And so now every time, like literally, I can walk somewhere and I’ll know if I’m in a beautiful space, if I’m in abundance, if there’s rose, it’s not even about the money anymore.

Right. I will feel. Like I’m myself. Mm-hmm. . But if I go back to the h, the city that I grew up in, and I go visit the house like I, I grew up in, I can literally feel pain in my body because I know that that’s not my vibration anymore. That’s not my space. 

[00:37:43] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Same. 

And you said something that I would love for you to expand on is it’s not the expansive energy, that is the hard part.

It’s letting go Yes. Of what’s no longer for you. And that doesn’t [00:38:00] just mean crusty dusty shoes. That also means people, relationships, places that you live. 

I mean, people’s probably the hardest one. So how do we navigate that transition? Letting go or, you know, I’ve had this happen so many times where I thought the people in my life were really, for me and for whatever reason, I would always feel really uncomfortable around them.

Or like, I couldn’t say what I wanted to say or that I had to be somebody else. And I thought that that was just like, Oh, our personalities don’t align. Which maybe, but also maybe those people are no longer for me and I’m no longer for them. So how do we navigate that? Like super uncomfortable, sometimes painful experience of detaching ourselves from people that are no longer for us.

[00:38:51] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. It is a really hard thing and it is extremely painful. I think that I’ve been hurt [00:39:00] more from ending some friendships than I have been ending certain relationships, you know? 

[00:39:06] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm.

[00:39:06] Guest: Ashley Rose: Um, the, there’s a couple of things here. We see online that there are people that are gonna drop off from you because they’re no longer serving you anymore. Right. My belief is that it’s through repair and connection and love that we elevate at our highest. So how do we do that while we honor our boundaries and we honor, you know, our becoming and the process that we’re moving through and discern which relationships aren’t serving us from a place of, of love, right?

And not necessarily like, I, I’ve grown past you. I don’t like you anymore. Like, you know, we, what I’m getting right now in my world is that she’s making money. So she’s a different person, you know, from family and, and things like that. And I recently let go of a friendship that I [00:40:00] was deeply entangled into.

And for me it was a, what is this, What is my, my fear around releasing this relationship? Actually coming from, what is the loss that I’m perceiving, that I’m, I’m actually experiencing right now. And then c I’ll ask my body and ask my guides to come through. And maybe they’re not meant to, to be on my journey with me right now, so I don’t have to keep this idea that everything is forever and everything is permanent.

So that’s one way that makes it easier for me to detach is that I can make a decision today. And the reason I don’t have to fear making the wrong decision is because it’s just a decision that’s gonna lead me into the next decision and the next decision. And if it comes completely around where this person is, you know, returns into my life and does become an energetic match from where I I’m at and, and I’m an energetic match for them where they’re at, great.

But most likely, if I’m not feeling the energetic match from them right now, I’m not a match [00:41:00] for them either. So we’re doing each other a disservice here. Mm-hmm. , you know, and it, and it can be really loving and it can be really, um, you. Taking care of with a lot of consideration and compassion, but it’s, you have to just, you always have to remember that this is about your mission.

Mm-hmm. , this isn’t just about me living my life every day and, and all the things. It’s like one of my commitments is to be the best mom that I can be. Mm-hmm. . Right? Like, my dream is that when I’m on my death bed, my kids come to me and tell me that they had a good childhood. Mm-hmm. , because I didn’t, I didn’t get that.

So that’s, that’s something that’s near and dear to me. If I have people in my life that are putting me in a space where I’m triggered and I’m reactive to my kids because I’m lost in some sort of, like, emotional entanglement with them, and I’m, it’s taking up a lot of my bandwidth, then you are now, you have now become something that’s not an energetic [00:42:00] match for what I’m committed to.

[00:42:01] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:42:03] Guest: Ashley Rose: And so we, we detached from this, you know? 

[00:42:05] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:42:06] Guest: Ashley Rose: But I think it comes back to what you were saying before, like when you became a witness to yourself, you’re experiencing the anxiety, you’re experiencing all this, and you tell yourself this, that we’re not doing this anymore. This is not my story, this is not, this is not real.

[00:42:19] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm.

[00:42:20] Guest: Ashley Rose: Who I am is the woman who gets shit done, that I, I make powerful decisions. So on these conversations when we’re releasing relationships, is that I am somebody who honors every connection that I have in my life. Mm-hmm. and honoring every connection that I have in my life means that I am available for what serves me and how I serve another person.

[00:42:40] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:42:41] Guest: Ashley Rose: And it’s something isn’t serving us in any way. There is no judgment, no hard feeling. We detach and move because one of my mission is that you live a life that’s full of happiness and love and honor and dignity and integrity. 

[00:42:56] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:42:57] Guest: Ashley Rose: And that’s not available here if we’re just playing mind [00:43:00] games or messing around, are constantly coming into conflict.

[00:43:03] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Right? 

[00:43:03] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:43:04] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Right. And not even, So I’m gonna share a story with you guys that I haven’t publicly shared yet. Mm-hmm. , and it’s so relevant, you know this story, but the rest of the wild womn fam does not. So I’m gonna share this with you guys, and in a situation where a relationship is no longer for you, doesn’t necessarily always have to mean that you are activating each other constantly or you. Being disrespectful or whatever it may be. Those situations certainly happen, but sometimes it’s also relationships where you have no ill will towards each other. You love each other and it’s purely a matter of alignment. So the story I’m gonna tell with you is that earlier this year, Kyle and I were getting ready to separate and we got engaged in May of 2021, and throughout that time we had been having a really difficult [00:44:00] conversation around what our future was gonna look like in terms of kids, in terms of career, in terms of what we wanted for ourselves. And it’s not that we had never talked about these things, but when you take a serious step, like getting engaged, it makes all of those things so much more present and real in your life and real.

So that’s ultimately what happened. Right. And we kind of came to the decision where, what we wanted for each other in our future. And I don’t feel comfortable going into the details cuz it’s not just my story, it’s also Kyle’s life. 

[00:44:28] Guest: Ashley Rose: Mm-hmm. 

[00:44:29] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: But what we wanted for our future was going in such divergent paths that we realized one of us is always gonna feel like we settled and that is the farthest thing from what we wanted.

We love each other, we respect each other to the moon and back. We want the absolute best for each other and we’ve made a lot of sacrifices for each other so we can be together. You know, I, I moved across the country. We’ve moved multiple times, He’s done things that have sacrificed in his life. And at the end of the day, it had nothing to do with us [00:45:00] fighting or not being compatible or things like that.

[00:45:03] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:45:03] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: It literally came down to I want you to have the most incredible life you can possibly have, and if where I wanna go with mine is going to contradict that and vice versa, then the most loving thing we can do for each other is to separate. And when I’m telling you we were considering separating, we separated all of our finances.

We were starting to walk around the house and be like, Do you want the couch? Or do I get it? Do you want the tv? Like we were ready. I was looking at apartments. I was like, Okay, what’s the move? How am I gonna do this? 

[00:45:32] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:45:32] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: We were ready to separate. 

[00:45:34] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:45:34] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And long story short, we had this huge moment of realization that we wanted each other in our lives more than certain aspects of our future.

And so we made the decision to let go of certain parts. Of our, of what we wanted to be with each other, cuz that ultimately mattered more. 

[00:45:56] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:45:56] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: But that decision was one of the most [00:46:00] painful fucking things I have ever gone through in my entire life. Yeah. And the thing that supported me through it was my relationship with my higher self.

[00:46:11] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:46:12] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And my intuition, because if I did not honor who I wanted to become, We probably would’ve gotten married and continued on with our life with all of this underlying resentment and frustration because neither of us really got what we wanted. Right? 

[00:46:28] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:46:29] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: I mean, I literally would not have made it through that experience without you, without our friend Cara, without my guides, without my relationship to my spirituality.

And I recognize this is not something I talk publicly about a lot because my, you know, path has changed in terms of my career, but my intuition is always with me, and it is always something that grounds me and makes me feel safe. And that was one of the most scary situations. I mean, literally knowing that the [00:47:00] person you’re with, Crack your heart in half and you would just turn into a puddle.

That’s terrifying. And my best friend was like, Listen, if this goes down, if you guys break up, I’m flying out there. I’m gonna stay with you for two weeks. We’re gonna be, because you’re not gonna be good. And I know it, right, but that’s the type of situation that can also be present. So for anybody that is, that has a best friend, a parent, a family member, a partner, anybody that really, there’s no harm being done other than the fact that you are going in two different directions.

That also has to do with alignment. So that conversation’s also relevant to situations like that. 

[00:47:37] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Yeah. God. And sometimes I feel like those types of situations are the ones that hurt the most because there’s no, You’re like really trying to understand. 

[00:47:48] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Your brain doesn’t understand it, right? It’s not a lot something wrong here. There’s nothing wrong here. It’s just not right. 

[00:47:54] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes. 

[00:47:55] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: It’s very confusing. 

[00:47:56] Guest: Ashley Rose: And what, and then the right is like, [00:48:00] Not being like Kyle was receptive to what right was for you 

[00:48:05] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: mm-hmm. 

[00:48:06] Guest: Ashley Rose: And you were receptive to what was right for Kyle. 

[00:48:08] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:48:09] Guest: Ashley Rose: And that you guys is the foundation of love. That really is the foundation of love.

But then you have two people here who are separating and it’s like, you know what I mean? So it’s, it that, that’s a really, really tough experience and witnessing you in all of that was so inspiring and so powerful and so heart, just like, heart, like you said, it cracked my heart open. You know what I mean?

Because you’re, you’re taking into consideration so many things while staying in tune with your intuition and trusting that the pain is temporary, for one. 

Two, that the pain is not the sign that it’s the wrong decision. 

[00:48:55] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: That’s important. 

[00:48:56] Guest: Ashley Rose: Right? We can’t make, we, we can’t look at what the right [00:49:00] decision is based off of how much pain we’re going to avoid.

[00:49:04] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:49:04] Guest: Ashley Rose: Because that can send you down a hole, other rabbit hole. And trust me when I tell you it’s a really steep fucking rabbit hole, 

[00:49:11] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: It’s fucking not a good rabbit hole. That’s not Allison in Wonderland situation. This is like the upside down world of Stranger Things situation. 

[00:49:21] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes, Yes. 

[00:49:22] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: But I really owe it to, I mean, you’ve been with me in terms of, as a friend, but also as a guide and a mentor in business, in just developing myself as an intuitive, as a psychic and the, the stark difference between how I see people that, you know, I grew up with and how we navigate situations, but also just how, like, I would have navigated this in the past.

Yeah. Is so black and white that I like, literally cannot recommend that people go down this path [00:50:00] and that they develop this site that they have because it is life changing. It is literally life changing, and you don’t even have to be a quote unquote spiritual mentor, educator, coach to develop this aspect of your being so you can navigate life, business, love, all of the things from such a safe, anchored, wise space.

[00:50:25] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yes. Yeah. You wanna heal your relationship to your body, develop your intuition. 

[00:50:31] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:50:31] Guest: Ashley Rose: You want to heal your relationship to yourself as you know yourself. Develop your intuition. 

[00:50:36] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:50:37] Guest: Ashley Rose: If you wanna move from being reactive to responsive in life, develop your intuition. 

[00:50:41] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:50:42] Guest: Ashley Rose: If you wanna call in and manifest and do all the things.

Like, develop your intuition, like learn to create a beautiful relationship to the way the universe is communicating with you. 

[00:50:53] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:50:54] Guest: Ashley Rose: You know, develop your psychic terminology, your psychic gloss, meaning learn the ways that the universe is speaking [00:51:00] to you because it’s gonna be very different than it speaks to another person.

[00:51:03] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:51:04] Guest: Ashley Rose: Right? Like the signs that I get to be able to read for you and like give you. You will receive that insight differently from different images and different things. Right. And that’s why the psychic activation is really cool because psychic activation means that you turn certain chakras on and you like open up a channel to start to witness and experience what this looks like.

And so for, for so many people, the activation is what gets them to realize that it’s real. 

[00:51:31] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:51:32] Guest: Ashley Rose: That it’s different from the fear based relationship that you have. You know, the warnings or like the, the, the way that you’re relating to your intuition currently. 

[00:51:42] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:51:43] Guest: Ashley Rose: You know what I mean? And for all my, like my logical people, the people that are like, you know, Well, I get more in my head, These are my favorite, this is my favorite.

When people come to me and they’re like, I just don’t understand. 

[00:51:54] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: You’re like, Let me rock your world. 

[00:51:58] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah, yeah, [00:52:00] exactly. You know, and the, the difference between intuition and psychic abilities is that intuition is going beyond the five senses, the normal senses, and starting to experience the energetic field and the, the vibrations around you.

Right? The psychic is being able to understand and decipher what that means for you. So intuition is, I’m connected, I’m getting a sense, I can feel, I’m, I’m tuned in. The psychic is I trust, I believe I, I conceive. Where this is headed, I can see, you know, storylines or timelines and things like that. So, two very different things.

Um, the psychic activation, the psychic work is one that I think most people should go into. If you wanna incorporate this in the way that you lead your business, the way that you help people. But for our lives, for our time here, for any other experience, the intuition development is really your key. Back to yourself and back [00:53:00] to the magic of the world, you know?

[00:53:01] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. 

[00:53:02] Guest: Ashley Rose: Cause there is magic. There is, there is so much magic. I can, I can feel. A message. I can feel something just as real as I can feel this in my hand right now. 

[00:53:14] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:53:15] Guest: Ashley Rose: You know, the sentient is so strong. You talked earlier about like, I just know things. This is the cognizant part. This is the part of the mind, and when you connect all of your Claires together and practice allowing them to work with one another, then you become clairvoyant, which is more of the psychics piece where you can see further ahead what the trajectory is, all the things you know.

[00:53:38] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:53:39] Guest: Ashley Rose: While still having free will and being able to change your trajectory based off decision making. But your decision making will be based off of how safe you feel in making those decisions and moving forward. And that again, takes you back into the body. 

[00:53:53] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[00:53:54] Guest: Ashley Rose: You know. 

[00:53:55] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: You guys need to go literally like absorb everything that Ashley has on her [00:54:00] Instagram and on in her Facebook, like join her Facebook group because if this is something that’s calling to you, , I mean this as a caution, but like, you want to be careful who you learn from.

You really don’t want to just work with somebody that says, Oh, this is what I do. You wanna work with somebody that has been through their own journey. They fully embody this. They have worked with countless individuals. 

[00:54:24] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:54:24] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And they, the people they have worked with have only said, She made me feel safe. She helped me in all of these ways. You wanna be really careful. 

Two things. Really careful who you work with on your money mindset and who you work with on your intuitive development. And I can, without a shadow of a doubt, say that Ashley is the only person that I would ever send anybody to for either, And I, I’m not saying this to like, you know, do a free promo or, but genuinely I would not send anybody to anybody else because of the space that you’re able to create for people because safety and groundedness [00:55:00] is the most important thing when you’re going into this work and you are. That is literally what you do. 

[00:55:06] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Thank you. 

[00:55:06] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Go check out Ashley’s Instagram. 

[00:55:08] Guest: Ashley Rose: Thank you. 

[00:55:08] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Go to her Facebook group. Yeah, no, I’m, I’m dead ass serious and I do like, Okay. I do have a selfish question and I want, I wanna hear all about the, like, the transformation that you went through in terms of stepping into even calling yourself a, a, um, an oracle, right?

[00:55:32] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[00:55:32] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: And I wanna hear, cuz you and I worked together at the beginning of this year to really get clarity on where you wanted to go moving forward with your brand. And can you talk a little bit about what that experience was like for somebody that’s curious what goes on behind the scenes? 

[00:55:47] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah, I’m just gonna let my heart open right now cause I really, really, really want to just sit in this like gratitude, just this space.

How [00:56:00] do you declare yourself an oracle? Right? Like it’s, it’s a little different from like hitting six figures and then being able to call yourself a six figure owner when you have like literal proof of something that you’ve achieved. And Oracles are, you know, they’re, they’re depicted in movies in such a way of like, real forms of magic.

Their, their stories, you know, their, um, And like, we don’t have anyone in our current, uh, time where we go and like we witness somebody, like lift someone off the floor, you know, So everyone has this idea of what an Oracle is, and an oracle is hidden in a cave, or she’s hidden in a, in a castle and she’s kept away.

And there’s a lot of truth behind this. There’s a lot of truth. And we carry this generationally for people who are more naturally in, [00:57:00] uh, you know, connected to their gifts and, and it comes on a lot easier. Um, so declaring that title was as scary as declaring business mentor, it was just a scary. You know, claiming any, anything that goes beyond, you have to have faith in that.

You don’t have any actual, literal proof outside of my testimonials of people coming back to me being like, You said this was gonna happen. You said this was gonna happen. You said this was gonna happen. There is, there is nothing else. So it’s a real identity, a true like declaration of knowing what an oracle is and understanding what she does.

And what an oracle is, is somebody who’s deeply in, firmly like connected to energy, to vibrations, and she is able to go take herself beyond conscious. Like [00:58:00] really go out beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond everything, and disconnect from this current reality and move into the space of the higher dimensions.

To receive information and, and all the things. So it was, it was a, a, a real difficult time for me to admit that I was special, unique. It was, it was scary to be received by my community and to be, and acknowledged, and celebrated for things that I was punished for when I was a child. You know, like being pulled out into the street by my hair, being called a witch and all the things was like, I shut everything down then, you know, So there’s this thing, there’s this story being played sometimes in, in our heads as mystics, that we are still going to be punished for our work and we’re still gonna be punished for being witness and, and seen in all the things.[00:59:00] 

That, that whole step, that first step was really tough. And when we started working together, you like, there was no hesitation. There was no, like, there was nothing in your energy that it didn’t see me as the oracle and it was only me in my way. You know what I mean? And coming out of a year of, of, you know, handling and dealing with my daughter’s depression and her, uh, suicidal ideologies coming out of a time where I got into in a relationship with a little boy and integrating, mixing families, um, not just that, but two people who have their own childhood.

You know, um, stories and, and and conditioning for us to come together. It was a really, really, really hard year. And I had to let go of my obm and I was exhausted. I was burnt out. I had [01:00:00] no idea what burnout was. I remember you talking to me about burnout and I was like, What is burnout for us? Like, we’re all fire.

Like, what do you mean? Like, just, we just do the thing, You know? But that year was a huge slap in the face of like, burnout is real. 

[01:00:12] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[01:00:12] Guest: Ashley Rose: And like you were saying before, the physical body just cannot. It just cannot. And there’s so much energy leakage. You want to hear me talk about energy? Like I, I’m the first person to call out where energy is leaking.

[01:00:27] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[01:00:27] Guest: Ashley Rose: Cause it’s not adding to my vibration, it’s going somewhere. Right. And so I was just like a coming out of not just being. A psychic business mentor, somebody who can tell you what’s coming and all that. And I think a lot of people get really messed up with this. We had so many people slap on psychic in front of their titles, and so many people were paying a lot of business coaches because they thought they would tell them everything that’s coming.

But that does nothing for the building of the identity work. It does [01:01:00] nothing for the nervous system. It does nothing to gain trust. It all has to come from you, right? It’s gotta be the experience because you cannot elevate and, and become aligned with your purpose. If someone else is telling you what it’s supposed to look like or what’s, what’s gonna work.

It’s, it’s, it’s exhausting. So coming out of all of that space and like really taking a look at is my work in integrity is my title, You know, does my title, uh, hold integrity? Does it hold truth? Does it hold safety for people? Because I understand what’s needed for this work to be possible for people, for sales to be easy to, you know, be able to come up with all the different programs that you’re capable of, of creating and doing big things like Wild Womn Haus and like all of these big fucking things, you know?

And there I was being this person who has helped so many women create over millions of dollars [01:02:00] drowning because there was a huge disconnect in my actual identity, the power behind, you know, how I identified with myself. And marketing, branding, and like website and like all the things were way beyond anything I wanted to deal with, anything I wanted to touch.

I had created six figures with no website, nothing organic content, just showing up every day. But I was fucking tired. I was fucking tired. Right. And then you and I came together and we were like, did our thing. And then, um, you really taught me like the power of branding. Not, not what branding is, right, But the power of branding is what you taught me.

And I think that Wild Womn Haus really stands for that, it’s that it’s not your Google definition of branding, it’s not book, you know, [01:03:00] context of like why this works. Because we’ve talked, we have so many conversations now around how marketing has been done a certain way and it’s not, it’s not. Working anymore or for women it’s different.

How do we infuse feminine energy, feminine empowerment, you know, all the uh, spirituality and all the things to go beyond what marketing has done for men in the past, not for women. Right. And working with you really showed me the power of branding, the power of foundation, the power of a housing space for your community and all of that.

Because what’s a big mission means that there’s gonna be mass massive, like amounts of attention, massive, uh, growth opportunities and all the things. And that includes people cuz that’s what it is. A connection. Mm-hmm. . So working with you is like, okay, now I’m understanding the importance of this. This gets to help my flow.

Right? Cause like we talked about how I’m a fairy, like I like [01:04:00] to flow. It’s all good, like all over the place. And Tristan, you know, like you really came in and, and taught me how flow is. Even more powerful, like the, the power that is in the flow, being able to flow when you have a solid foundation, a place to land where your feet can be rooted, you know, on the ground, then the flow actually feels more easy.

Like can, And how do you say flow is easy? Like it just creates more, um, availability to pivot and move and shift and change and all the things when you have a solid foundation. So that’s the first thing is that I really embodied why this is important and it started to feel like something that was for me and would benefit me and my business.

And that’s something that needed to be a challenge or needed to be difficult. Um, and so that was really powerful. And then the next thing was like, okay, how the fuck do I step into this Oracle identity? How [01:05:00] do I help? Like what does my branding look like if I am an Oracle business mentor? You know, and. It was through our work together and, and your belief in me and your, your hard work and dedication to what you do because you care so much.

So I trusted that there wasn’t gonna be a stone, you know, on turn or anything that I was gonna miss because you, like you said earlier, people pleasing tendencies like, you know, are not really people pleasing anymore. Like all these diagnosis, when you’re like tapped in and tuned into what brings you, um, enjoyment and joy is your work with people and like how happy they are with what they’re building.

So I really, really felt that. And so I trusted you in all of that and we shifted things and moved things really fast from like a level of like safety and, and trust. 

[01:05:52] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Oh my gosh, I’m gonna cry . 

[01:05:54] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah, I told you I cracked my heart open. 

[01:05:57] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: I love it. And I, I mean [01:06:00] seeing the, the story that you’re telling now 

through your brand is so fucking cool, Ash.

[01:06:10] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[01:06:10] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Like I’m no longer working on your brand with you, but I get little notifications from your designer, from your website, and I see things, I’m like, Oh my God, this is a completely different woman. This is so amazing. What, what has it been like for you to see yourself that way and to know that you took the actions to like present yourself in a new way that just, it blow, Like, I’m not exaggerating. I stole an image from your, from your thing, and I put it in a group chat with our friends and I’m like, What is this? Who is this? Unreal. What has that been like for you to witness yourself like that? 

[01:06:51] Guest: Ashley Rose: A powerful, uh, just like embodied feeling of being the CEO of [01:07:00] my company, my brand. You know what I mean?

Um, like not just being the creator, somebody who decided to just start a business one day, but more like I have a vision and everything that the decisions that I’m making are going to lead to more growth and more, more of what I want. But from the brand message connected to the brand energy, you know, my, my message is clear.

I work less of being in my head about like, content. You know what my image is? Like, we scheduled a photo shoot when we were, I was just able to like, give her brand colors. I was able to give her the vibe, energy I was, I was able to give her like how I want it to feel. through these images because it’s what my, I want my brand to represent.

It’s what I want people to feel when they’re here, and I want that to be powerful and, and fire and all the things, but connected and in surrender and [01:08:00] trust. 

[01:08:00] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[01:08:01] Guest: Ashley Rose: You know? 

[01:08:02] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm. 

[01:08:03] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. Yeah. 

[01:08:04] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: You freaking nailed it. , like, you nailed it. When I saw these photos come through, I was literally jaw dropped. They are so on point and so different from anything I have ever seen, and that’s, that’s what excites me so much.

[01:08:23] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. 

[01:08:23] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Is like, this isn’t just for me. It’s not just about helping entrepreneurs to feel. Empowered. It’s like, no, you are literally bringing something to life that people have never seen before because you are so tapped in and clear to what you’re wanting to create. And that is what excites me more than anything.

Cause now we’re talking about originality, we’re talking about innovation. We’re talking about true expression of the self that is so unique and so multidimensional that nobody else can possibly replicate what you’ve done because it’s not you. [01:09:00] And that is what excites me so much about what I do. I’m just like, go bitch, go, go. In the background. It’s, it’s thank you. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of that experience. It was literally an honor to support you and thank you for also gassing me up on my podcast . 

[01:09:16] Guest: Ashley Rose: Well, no, bro. Like seriously, even if, even like outside of working with you, your social media, your content, your stories, everything that you do is a huge fucking fat permission slip.

To be exactly who we are expressed in everything that we’re, that we are and experiencing and growing. And so like, I don’t only just create content now from who I am, I create content from where I’m going. You know what I mean? And it’s through my understanding of like what we learn, what I learned with you and the way like watching you and, and for those of you guys who don’t know, we just didn’t, we didn’t just work together on my brand.

Like Tristan literally came in and saved my business as like, really? She was like, [01:10:00] Look, you need help hire me. I told her, You guys, I let my OBM go. Tristan’s very organized. Yeah, she’s very quick. She understands, um, you know, the way that the back end works to be able to support the front end. And I had never really experienced that.

Right. So, And, and just being in your space in that like understanding how all of that supports my business was so relieving because as spiritual entrepreneurs, and I can speak for most of the spiritual entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with, we are very good at being tapped in. We are very good at being in, you know, the ethers and like all the things.

We know what it looks like, but put that on a fucking website or try to get it to come out, you know, like through content and, and all the things takes another thing and it, it. Pulls you into the logical [01:11:00] space and you have a very good connection to the spiritual and the logical and your vision. And it’s, this is just what you’re meant to fucking do.

Like it is just meant to what, You know, I could give you like a spell or like describe energy to you or like give you something and you’re like, Okay, so what I’m hearing is you want xyz, this is what we need. Here’s the map, here’s the the calendar. This is what we need by this date. And I was just like. 

[01:11:27] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: What?

[01:11:27] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah. All all of that. All of that. 

[01:11:32] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Yes, all of it. 

[01:11:33] Guest: Ashley Rose: Let me breathe. But yes, all of that. But it’s really what has catapulted my comeback. 

[01:11:41] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm. Comeback kid. And you came back swinging, man. You came back. I’m not swinging. You’re not even close to done. I know you’re not. Yeah. Yeah. I love you so much, Ash. Thank you so much for coming on and just sharing your.

Your magic, your expertise, your insights, because I really do value your [01:12:00] perspective cuz this is just, this is inside and out who you are. You are a woman of your work and I respect that so much. 

[01:12:06] Guest: Ashley Rose: Mm-hmm. 

[01:12:07] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: and. Your perspective is always something that I look forward to hearing, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share that.

And also just to, you know, kind of hype me up a little bit. I appreciate that too. I love you so much, . 

[01:12:20] Guest: Ashley Rose: I love you too, boo boo. This is so fun. Thank you for having me. 

[01:12:24] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Absolutely. So everybody listening, where’s the best place for them to come and get into your world more? For anybody that’s like, I am ready to start developing, I am ready to start activating.

I just wanna be in Ashley’s energy. Where do you want people to go hang out with you? 

[01:12:40] Guest: Ashley Rose: Yeah, so right now the, my Instagram is the best place. The website’s gonna be launched soon, so I’ll have that soon, but it’ll just lead you back to my Instagram page anyway, so at a Ros life. And so you can send me a message, my inbox is always open.

[01:12:55] Host: Tristan Thibodeau: Amazing. That handle will be in the show notes, guys. So if you missed it, [01:13:00] it’s a rosy life. It’ll be in the show notes for you to go check out. Ash, thank you so much for your time. 

[01:13:04] Guest: Ashley Rose: Thank you momma. I love you. I can’t wait to see you.

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