Brand Strategy Development - Building Soulful 6-Figure Brand -

Brand Strategy Development – Building Soulful 6-Figure Brand

Rohini Moradi came to us in November of 2022. She was ready to use brand strategy development to break the cycle of over-giving, and under-receiving.

Not every brand begins as a business, as was the case with Rohini’s brand, Magic Inclined. What started as an outlet for grief, transformation, and inspiration, Magic Inclined quickly grew into an influential spiritual platform.

Tens of thousands of engaged spiritual seekers became a tightly knit community. And Rohini quickly realized the need for support in taking her brand to the next level.

Despite her brand’s community-building success, Rohini had yet to discover the best way to monetize her brand. She was stuck in a cycle of giving, giving, giving, without receiving for her hard work.

“This was a whole new territory, and shining my inner light was scary! I didn’t know where to start.”

– Rohini Moradi

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“Brand is Everything”

But after growing up in a Hindu temple, her passion for the ancient wisdom of the Akasha outweighed her fear. Rohini knew that her embodied expertise would open up a new world of self-discovery for her community of spiritual seekers. And with her awareness that “brand is everything because it’s what people connect with”, she sought out help.

“I took many workshops that left me more confused than when I first started—taught mainly by people who didn’t have any personal experience. After a few years of winging it again, I realized that it was time to hire professionals.”

-Rohini Moradi

And then, as many of our clients report, she discovered Wild Womn Haus on TikTok. After chatting with Tristan, our lead brand strategist, Rohini had a massive realization.

It was time to transform her community-driven content into a far-reaching profitable educational platform.

This article outlines Rohini’s journey of spiritual brand development strategy. You’ll read about the jaw-dropping results she got in less than 6 months. Plus, you’ll read how our process helped her claim the title of leader in the field of the Akasha.

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Step 1 of Brand Strategy Development – Uncovering the Vision 

In most traditional brand strategy processes, you start by defining a target audience. However, we do things a bit differently at Wild Womn Haus.

Every brand strategy development package we facilitate starts with the founder’s vision. When you’re clear on what you want to create in the long-term, you are empowered to build a brand infrastructure that supports you in bringing your vision to life.

Using our proprietary brand vision activation process, Rohini was able to tap into the direction she wanted to take her company. 

Rohini wanted everyone to know that grief can be a portal to re-awakening, and she saw a book in her future, that shared her story of transformation after her baby girl’s death. 

Given that music and community had always been a foundational part of Rohini’s life, she envisioned Magic Inclined hosting meditation music tours that circulated the entire globe, bringing people together.

But most importantly, she saw an opportunity to innovate the way awakening individuals experience and receive guidance on their spiritual path.

The Pandemic shook up the world and made millions more aware of their unhappiness. And Rohini saw how her unique upbringing as the Pujari’s daughter in a Hindu Temple could offer the masses a new entry point into their deepest power and fulfillment. 

“While working with Wild Womn Haus, I gained clarity on my vision and brand and quickly connected to my purpose again.  It was rejuvenating to work with such a talented, incredible, amazing, and kind team.  I’m still kicking myself for not starting sooner, but I’m so happy to have taken the plunge when I did.”

– Rohini Moradi

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Step 2 of Brand Strategy Development – Look for the Gaps 

“Want to know the secret to make your brand stand out in a saturated industry? Stop trying to climb on top by being a better version of what everyone else is already doing. Instead, find the empty space outside of the bandwagon. Industry gaps are where the real magic happens…and brand strategy is the art and science of zagging when everyone else zigs”. – Tristan Thibodeau

A core element of creating a strong brand is identifying how you can stand out. No matter how saturated your industry is, there are always gaps and opportunities.

Rohini’s brand exists in the sphere of spiritual education and mentorship. On its own, the psychic services industry is now worth $2 billion annually. In a recent study by Vice Magazine and creative agency Virtue, 54 percent of Millennials and Gen Z said they seek to connect with brands that enhance their spirit and soul. 

Needless to say, there is a lot of noise in Rohini’s industry.

Our goal was simple: analyze her industry, identity the status quo, and navigate around the noise. After weeks of analysis and strategizing, we made a massive realization.

Rohini was not only a self-taught expert in the realm of Akasha, but she grew up learning yogic principles and practicing the tools of self-discovery. She embodied a level of expertise that other experts in her industry didn’t have. 

Instead of positioning Rohini as a highly trained expert, we knew her brand needed to stand out as an exemplary resource for people seeking pure information straight from the source of meditation and Astro-travel – Hinduism. 

Equipped with this knowledge of how to zag when everyone else was igging, we were ready to move on to specifying the target audience for Magic Inclined. 

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Step 3 of Brand Strategy Development – Know Your People

Does this sound like you?

“My brand is in the infant phase and I’m looking to create more clarity. I believe that it will help me connect more clearly with my audience. I’m a little lost at the moment”. – Rohini Moradi

Here’s something to think about when you attempt to clarify how your brand communicates to its target audience.

13% of consumers would pay 31-50% more for your products or services if they were under the impression that your business is making a positive impact on the world.

It’s not enough to talk about the benefits an individual can expect to gain from investing in your brand. Today’s consumers are smarter, more inquisitive, and eager to support a greater cause with their dollars. 

This is why zooming in on the target audience for Rohini’s brand required us to dig into the psyche of her community. We needed to understand what cause they deemed as worthy. And we wanted to know how Rohini’s embodied expertise could contribute to the change her community wanted to see.

After many hours of in-depth, intentional research, we discovered the core thread that connected the hearts of her audience: a ripple effect of change.

When one person wakes up to their divine power, they automatically impact the people around them. By calling new community members in through the concept of being a part of the ripple effect, Rohini’s target audience profiles came together seamlessly.

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Step 4 of Brand Strategy Development – Solve Big Problems 

There’s a saying that goes “to make $10,000, you just need to solve $10,000 worth of problems”. 

Before we could establish any sort of marketing strategy for Magic Inclined, we needed to refresh the way Rohini talked about the problems she solved with her paid offerings. 

It’s not always intuitive to think about your services as life or death. But to get to the core of why what you do is so important, you have to think about solving problems to this extreme. 

Originally, Rohini’s offerings talked about the topical benefits of learning about the Akashic realm and experiencing your spiritual awakening, 

But now that Rohini was clear on

  1. Her vision as the brand’s founder
  2. What made her brand unique
  3. The core emotional driver for her target audience…

She was emboldened to speak about the benefits of her offerings in a powerful way. Now, she realized that the problems she was solving were actually rooted in life-long confusion, frustration, loneliness, and disempowerment.

After working through our signature process of revamping your solutions, Rohini was able to use this insight to improve her pricing structure, suite of digital products, and sales funnel. 

“With the team’s support, I quickly tidied up my brand, became more clear about who I was serving, created automation and sales pages, and refined my courses to launch.”

– Rohini Moradi 

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Unexpected Twists and Turns

In April of 2022, Rohini was featured on Gaia’s interview series, “Open Minds with Regina Meredith”. In a special titled, “Yogic Life & Akashic Records”, Rohini spoke about her upbringing in Tehran, Iran, and how her physical and spiritual journey as a mother led her to an understanding of how to access the Akashic Records. 

It was as if the flood gates had opened.

Thousands of new members joined her social community and email list. Inquiries for her services flooded her inbox. 

It was go time.

As a strategist, there is nothing more fun than curveball scenarios. Rohini was not executing her special to be realized for another 2 months when her strategy container was set to be complete. But this early release sent her into immediate launch mode to offer her new community members a way to dive deeper into their Akashic journey. 

In a flash of hard work, brainstorming, and ongoing support, we were able to assist Rohini in capturing the financial benefits of such an influx. To the tune of a $20k+ launch.

In Rohini’s words, “all last minute, but still incredible. My first launch was over 20k!”

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Step 5 of Brand Strategy Development – Establish a Creative Direction 

Once the momentum of the Gaia influx had calmed down, it was back to work on Rohini’s brand strategy. 

You’ll notice that the creative direction process does not come into play until after the core elements of brand strategy are in place. Long story short, do NOT worry about your logo, color palette, or Instagram feed until you know:

  • Where you’re going
  • What makes you unique
  • Who you’re talking to 
  • What you’re selling 

Only then should you address the way your brand looks. Nevertheless, your brand identity is critically important to the success of your business. In fact, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.  

Rohini already had a very strong, and bold aesthetic to her brand identity. Bonus points for the fact that it contrasted the brands of similar experts in her industry. All in all, she was doing a great job of standing out aesthetically.

However, the consistency of her brand identity needed some improvement. What we often see with DIY brands is that they lack consistency. Multiple fonts may be in use, or too wide a variety of colors, leading to a look that feels cluttered and unintentional.

After introducing Rohini to some of our favorite creative direction tools, she was able to hone in on a cleaner color palette, and specific typography. This helped her create the structure she craved so that she could reap the benefits of consistency in her brand identity. 

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Step 6 of Brand Strategy Development – Build Your Holistic Marketing Strategy 

Now, it was time to get this baby out into the world in a BIG way. 

Many online entrepreneurs believe their social presence IS their marketing strategy. The truth is that your social presence is a piece of your marketing strategy, but it should never be solely relied upon. 

A holistic marketing strategy should look something like this:

  1. Goals for marketing 
  2. Objectives for marketing 
  3. Measurable tactics for marketing 
  4. Channels for marketing 

Social media fits under the channels for marketing category, But as you’ll notice, a strong marketing strategy is built upon a foundation of goals, objectives, and measurable tactics. 

To ensure Rohini had a strong foundation to grow her business through brand marketing, we established 3 core goals for 2022:

  1. Grow her email list
  2. Perfect her launch sequence
  3. Launch her app by the end of the year

From these goals, we established: 

  1. Time-oriented objectives
  2. Specific tactics to measure success
  3. The intention of the channels she used for marketing

Once we understood the scope of her client journey, we create a funnel for how audience members will move from discovery to purchase. 

We had already strengthened her email list strategy and were working on her launch strategy. But now, we needed to improve the traffic that her social media was sending to her freebie.

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Step 7 of Brand Strategy Development – Find Your Social Media Boost

Rohini’s original 12-week brand strategy container ended in early April. However, given her fantastic experience working with WIld WOmn Haus, she decided to add a 6-week extension to her package.

“I’m excited to continue working with WWH to perfect my social strategy, continue with my brand’s purpose, and create with a talented support team.”

– Rohini Moradi

During this time, we focused solely on improving her TikTok and Instagram content. Between the two platforms, Instagram has the most engagement and following size. 

However, TikTok has continued to be the main driver of leads for many online businesses, so we shifted our focus to growing her TikTok community.

The goal was to use TikTok at the top of the funnel, capturing new leads while directing people to Instagram where they can get to know Rohini on a deeper level.

After a few weeks of experimenting with:

  • Hooks and intros
  • Music and editing
  • Speed and dictation
  • Storytelling 
  • Hashtags 

Rohini was able to grow her account from the high 1k mark, all the way to 8,3000 followers. This surge of growth boosted her content creation confidence and fed her email list with new members. These members are continuously cycling through the sales funnel we set up for Magic Inclined, as they learn about the many opportunities to buy into all of the incredible value that Rohini offers to her community.

Brand Strategy Development Changes the Game

“After working with the WWH team, I now have clarity and feel supported to continue my journey forward into even more abundance.

WWH is for you if you are looking to scale while serving the beautiful people of this planet.  You don’t have to do everything yourself, and hiring a fantastic team only helps clear the path more quickly.”

– Rohini Moradi 

The most important takeaway to glean from this case study is this – no matter how saturated you feel your industry is, brand strategy can always help you find a hidden gem with your name on it.

Rohini is a prime example of the type of entrepreneur we love to support here at Wild Womn Haus. Innovative, brave, bold, heart-centered, and soulful. If you’re curious to learn how the WWH team can guide you in bringing your big vision to life, we invite you to book a 30-minute Complimentary Call with our founder and lead brand strategist, Tristan Thibodeau. 

You deserve a team of passionate, strategic, and creative experts who have your back through the journey of strengthening your brand. We’d love to answer any questions, and learn more about the creation you want to bring to life!

Ready to book a Complimentary 30-minute Call? Click here to schedule!

Curious exactly what services Erika invested in? Here’s the breakdown of her exact package:

  • 1:1 Brand Mentorship and Strategy Package
  • Copywriting support 
  • Marketing Strategy Support
  • Social Media Support

Curious to read Rohini’s full testimonial? Check it out here!

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Meet Your Brand Strategist:

Tristan Thibodeau is a Brand Strategist, CEO, and Visionary behind the industry-leading brand and marketing agency, Wild Womn Haus. She mentors innovation-driven influencers and entrepreneurs to build brands that disrupt industries with their unique perspectives and offerings. Through her signature 8-step brand strategy process that is proven to provide laser clarity and agile business acumen, Tristan’s clients leave confusion in the dust, double their revenue, and claim their rightful place as visionary CEOs.

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