No stereotype or stigma can contain the vastness of who we are and what we’re capable of. And as entrepreneurs, we’re f*cking unstoppable.

Hosted by Brand Mentor and Strategist - Tristan Thibodeau, The Wild Womn Hotline is an uncensored collection of conversations from experts in the world of marketing, personal development, spirituality, and so much more. 

By listening in, you’ll learn how to bring your vision for BIG impact and BIG income to life through a brand that positions you as a powerful, influential, and unforgettable leader in your industry. 

SPECIAL breed.

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Brandi624 — WOW

"Tristan is inspiring, creative, innovative and wild. I love how her podcast offers real time advice. It’s not just a sales pitch to get you to buy from her, in fact, it’s not that in all (BIG plus). The content she puts out is fresh, inspirational, and unique. I always leave these podcast episodes with tangible action steps. I feel connected to her brand before I’ve even purchased. It is for these reasons I will most definitely pursue her programs and offerings when I am ready to invest more into my business. She is unlike any of the other business coaches out there."




"Tristan is incredible and she activates the wild women in me. Love her pod and love her 💕 listen to be unleashed and untamed."



Imzahdi — Get ready to tap into your inner Wild Woman!

"Tristan will serve as your guide to dive deep and explore your inner wild woman! Let her have fun and express herself! Tristan has candid conversation and definitely makes the entire sexuality conversation comfortable, even when discussing those supposedly “Taboo” topics. Nothing is off limits. Ask questions without judgment. If the topic isn’t personally your cup of tea...still take a sip of a listen. You’ll learn something at the very least. You can explore the culture of women’s sexuality and wild side. Just like anthropologist of sexuality! Sexy, wild, and smart! 5 stars all the way!"




Tristan Thibodeau is the founder of Wild Womn Haus and is the head brand strategist and mentor for female entrepreneurs and coaches. Tristan also hosts The Wild Womn Hotline, which is a podcast that features expansive conversations that feed your soul and fuel your brand. Tristan specializes in mentoring entrepreneurs in vision-driven brand strategy that helps them create the impact and income they desire.

One of her favorite spiritual practices is using the ThinkUp app to create her own spoken affirmations which help her anchor into her truth and show up powerfully for the day.

Head Brand Strategist & Mentor

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