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Let’s begin with a hypothetical question. If you met someone who told you that they used the power of manifestation to build a multi-million dollar company, would you be willing to learn from them? If you answered “yes”, then episode 51 of The Wild Womn Hotline titled “Manifesting Your Vision and Preparing for Greatness” w/Angela Quach, CEO of Destiny Lab is for you.

Angela Quach is a business and life coach with over 10 years of experience launching brands and companies. She has helped celebrity clients like Tony Robbins and brands like AT&T, DIRECTV, Gitex, and Dubai Jazz Festival, exceed their business goals by communicating vision and creating roadmaps to success. ​

In this episode, Angela shares her process for how she empowers entrepreneurs and companies to lean into innovation and to educate people, especially business owners and leaders, to transform into their best selves. 

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In this episode, we discuss…

  • Angela’s leap of faith into starting her own coaching business in 202 during the start of the pandemic (3:21).
  • The 2 steps to giving yourself permission to dream big (6:52).
  • The nuts and bolts of preparing to receive huge manifestations (12:23).
  • How to get out of your own way and be a womn doing her best work (18:16).
  • Harnessing boldness and Angela’s journey of leaving behind a “dream job” as a producer for Tony Robbins (20:16).
  • The work that we need to do as a female collective to harness our destiny (30:05).
  • How to let go of people-pleasing, the “good-girl mentality”, and the fear of rejection so you can claim your unique perspective and step into your greatest leadership(32:44).
  • How Angela teaches women how to start their own businesses in The Badass Businesswoman Bootcamp (38:57).

Meet the Host and Guest Expert 

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The Host

Tristan Thibodeau is the founder of Wild Womn Haus and is a brand strategist for entrepreneurs in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brand industries.

She specializes in helping companies create and maintain their image. She works with market research, industry analysis, and consumer trends to offer strategic insights for brands so that they can enhance their marketing efforts and grow their bottom line. 

Follow her on Instagram @tristan.wildwomnhaus and follow the agency on Instagram @wildwomnhaus and TikTok @tristan.wildwomnhaus!

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Guest Expert

Angela Quach is a business and life coach with over 10 years of experience launching brands and companies.

She has helped celebrity clients like Tony Robbins and brands like AT&T, DIRECTV, Gitex, and Dubai Jazz Festival, exceed their business goals by communicating vision and creating roadmaps to success. ​

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Audio Transcript

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): [00:00:00] Hello, you have reached the wild woman hotline, a place for visionary entrepreneurs. Like you. To listen in on value-packed episodes for growing your brand in bold and strategic ways. Hello, gorgeous. Welcome back to another episode of the wild womn hotline or if this is your first time tuning in. 

Hello, welcome. I’m so glad that you’re here. My name is Tristan. I am the CEO, founder and lead brand strategist for wild woman house, which is a collaborative brand and marketing agency. And if you have the ambition to run a multimillion dollar business. I know, I do today’s episode is literally designed for you. I had the honor of sitting down with Angela watch, who is the CEO and founder of the destiny lab.

Angela is also a business and life coach. She has over a decade of experience launching brands and companies [00:01:00] and get this is on track to hit a $5 million year with her business in the next year. Angela CV. Stacked with epic experiences, such as being the producer for Tony Robbins and running a female founded and female led business boot camp for women.

But here’s the thing we didn’t talk about structure. We didn’t talk about strategy. Instead today, Angela shared with us. The mindset and the manifestation principles that have allowed her to make bold moves in her career and to reinvent herself from her humble beginnings. There are so many valuable lessons packed into this episode.

So I’m gonna stop hogging the mic. Let’s go ahead and dive on into this fantastic conversation with founder and CEO, Angela. 

All right, Angela, if you are the person to talk about being visionary, being disruptive, being innovative and being an exceptional entrepreneur, how would you tell us [00:02:00] the story of becoming all of those things? How you got started as an entrepreneur? 

Angela Quach (GUEST): Yeah, that’s a really great question. So, um, so I’ll just tell you the external journey. So what really started was, um, I was climbing the corporate ladder. I was the marketing director, um, on behalf of, at and T and direct TV, working at an agency max for just agency.

And I had a vision of wanting to give back. So I. Literally became the producer for Tony Robbins, because I wanted to get into the transformation industry. So just climbing corporate ladders, but really what I gave myself permission to believe as I was the producer for one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time.

And I was grateful, but the truth is my real truth was I wanted to. The life coach and I wanted to start my own business. Um, and for [00:03:00] me, that being a producer for a motivational speaker was a stepping stone. And I had to give myself permission, um, myself permission. That I, that I could do that, that I could be an entrepreneur, um, that I could start my own business and I had to feel worthy of my own destiny.

So that was the first thing. So I took that leap of faith in 2020 during the pandemic girl. Yeah. Like some people had hard times and that for me, The hard time for me was the internal struggle, really seeing the dissonance of where I was and who I knew I was built to be. So I started my business, um, in 2020, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Yeah, amazing. And if there was ever a transformational industry to get into, it would be the Tony Robbins sphere. so you picked like the, the, the best [00:04:00] to get started into you see? 

Angela Quach (GUEST): Like, yeah, I was very confident in my corporate career. Like I, I’m a really big believer in manifesting and attracting. And I literally, when I wanted to tr shift from being a director to producer, which are very different roles, but for me, that actually is a Testament to being an entrepreneur because you wear a lot of hats.

So even in my corporate career, I knew I could wear a lot of hats. I just had. To have the angle and the story and the transitional skills. So I put on my vision board, I said, I’m gonna either work for Oprah or Tony. And, um, Tony was just the one with a great position available. I, um, I came into the interview, not willing, willing to be interviewed, but handing them a proposal.

I mean, that’s how prepared I was to. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Yeah, I love it. That’s the energy that [00:05:00] I’m we gotta run our life with this type of energy people. 

Angela Quach (GUEST): So interview me, but I’ve already done an analysis of what I see out there, and this is what I think I could contribute to. So they knew I was the woman for the job, but that’s because I truly believed I was gonna receive that position.

So, um, I know we’re not here to talk about that, but the truth is I had to. the first step. The, the, the seed that I planted was I can really manifest a career that I want. Mm-hmm . So then the, the second truth started to appear, which is like, what do I really, really want? And so that’s when I allowed myself to create space just in my mind of like being my own boss mm-hmm , um, which, you know, some people don’t even get there or if they want to right.

but, um, that’s something I think that, um, our listeners out there should really reflect within themselves is like, are you giving yourself permission to dream big 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): mm-hmm [00:06:00] and there’s so much that goes into giving yourself permission. And so even if you just speak from your own experience where if you have some coaching here for people that.

Have big dreams, but have yet to really insert themselves the way that you just described. I mean, bringing up proposal to an interview is bold and genius and it’s something a lot of people think is too out there to do, but. From the perspective of how are they gonna know that I’m the person for the job?

How are they gonna know that I take initiative that I have a vision that I know what direction I believe this company should go in is to create a proposal. So what goes into taking those sorts of actions? Do you think, and it is giving yourself permission, but what does that entail?

Angela Quach (GUEST): Mm, I love this question.

So I think what it takes to receive what you truly [00:07:00] want in life is to lean into it. And, um, the hardest part, actually that’s the second, the second hardest, hard to lean. The first hardest part is to truly believe it to truly, truly believe that you are worthy. Of your dreams. And I think what helped me really lean into, yes, I am the CEO of a company and I, and I will start my own business and I will help people by being the life coach, not the producer of a life coach, nothing wrong with Tony, by the way.

He’s an amazing man, but, uh, my agenda was bigger. My, my, my dream was bigger and for me it was understanding. that it’s not about me and it’s not about me and my little body and my little material dreams. I had a gift. I had a gift and I had to contribute. I had to give it to society. This is not my gift.

And so I’m gonna get [00:08:00] very spiritual here and say, when you have a gift, you have a talent, you have a vision. It’s not yours to withheld, to withhold. To, to keep inside, like you have an obligation to humanity, to society, to your family, to the people you love to cultivate your gift because that’s a contribution to society.

Um, so whether you’re a healer, a teacher, a giver, a creator, like, you can make this world a better place with your gift, so don’t be afraid of it. Mm-hmm , um, get out of your little body, your little fears, and it’s supposed to feel bigger than you because when it’s bigger than you, you’re gonna rely on that feeling when times get hard.

Mm-hmm so you have to lean into that passion that, that desire, that excitement, um, that’s a very strong message from the. so leaning into it, leaning in and preparing for greatness. We’ve got to [00:09:00] prepare. Um, so when I knew that I was gonna start my own business, I, I just, I wasn’t just taking the steps. Like I was really, um, oh, sorry.

No, we’re not sorry. We’re talking about the proposal. Yeah. I knew I was gonna get that job. I had zero. Experience at being a producer, but I had immense confidence that I was going to get it because I was going to prepare properly. And I didn’t, and I really like to think outside of the box. And so, um, I thought like a consultant, I was like, they’re bringing me in.

and I’m gonna shake things up and this is how I would shake things up. Mm-hmm and hopefully we align on that. Mm-hmm so it was more having the confidence to understand, too, that this has to be a mutual benefit. This has to be a win-win from the company and myself. So actually putting a [00:10:00] proposal together of how I would change things strategically.

Um, Was just a Testament of, Hey, this is what I really plan to do. Do you guys like the direction I’m heading in and they loved it, right? They love the proactiveness. They love the preparation. They like the way I thought. So this is all things that I showcase very good at the soft skills of like showcasing, um, How I would lead and not only, you know, I wasn’t there to try to impress them.

I was really in the seat of, okay. If I were the producer, I asked the, um, I asked the HR director at the time. I said, well, who’s my team. You know, who would I be leading? And what would my schedule look like? Mm-hmm . And so these are the kind of questions. Tells people that you are willing to invest, right?

These are very like I’m ready to invest questions. Um, [00:11:00] not like be impressed by me, Connie questions. Does that make sense? 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): 100%. And can we take a RA, like a nose dive down this yeah. Manifestation rabbit hole because I. we talk about the woo. We talk about the data. We talk about the strategy on this podcast.

So all conversations are welcome, and this is a piece of manifestation. I feel a lot of people struggle with and I’ve struggled with it in the past as well is having that rock solid conviction that this is going to happen. And I’m sure that there’s some experience. Doubt or fear that probably came up for you.

And I’m, I’m really curious if we can kind of like break down the nuts and bolts of this manifestation that you created. Let’s do that for the listeners, for everybody listening, because what you did is you went from a role that you were very confident and comfortable and into a role that you [00:12:00] really had never done before, but prepared yourself as if you had been doing this your entire.

Right. So let’s literally break down to a granular level. What was happening with the mindset for you? And then what did you do when fear or doubts came in? How did you create that rock solid conviction? So let’s just start there with the mindset piece. 

Angela Quach (GUEST): Yeah. Okay. So like I said, this is great. I’m honored to be here, Tristan.

So you know what, um, it starts with is the mindset, right? It starts with the internal intention because thoughts become actions. Um, so with the, with my mindset at that time, you know, I knew I had a vision, so it always starts with the vision. And you really have to hold onto that vision of who you are becoming, um, because that’s going to be your north star.

So for me, it was like, I am going to work in the transformation industry and I’m [00:13:00] gonna work for the best, you know, I’m not even gonna start at the lower levels. Like I, I can do this and what your brain does once you start. Believing is that your subconscious mind starts figuring out how we’re gonna get there, right?

Without you even knowing it’s, it’s a very natural lean in. And of course I was, I, every time that I have a vision, so here’s another truth. The vision always changes. The vision always changes because once you’ve mastered an assignment, the universe has another one for you. Mm-hmm . But so we have to love the journey and we have to love the process.

And one thing I’ve learned to lean into when manifesting, even when I’m scared is I have to give myself compassion because I am trying to manifest something that I’ve never experienced in this vessel, in this body. But the universe has a million [00:14:00] ways in a million case studies of how to get there. So we cannot rely on this little vessel, this little body with all our little human attachments and our past attachments, but we have to allow ourselves to lean into what the universe knows.

There’s something bigger, right? Like there’s like the saying like two minds are better than one mm-hmm . What about a million minds? What about the infinite mind? Mm-hmm it is better than one. So when I am manifesting. Really holding onto the vision of who I will become. How will it feel if I want to be the CEO?

So. So two years, my company, we have reached a million in revenue. We’re on a roadmap to five and I wanna be acquired for 50 million and I speak it because what I’ve, what I’ve learned is when I speak it and I’ve own it. But there wasn’t times, like, [00:15:00] you know, like, you know, just asking for just half a million was a lot asking for quarter million.

Each tier has. Made me so scared and so fearful because each level of revenue, when your business grows, the operation grows, it’s asking something new of you. And I have never been a CEO before, so I am learning every single day what it takes, but, um, I know that thousands of people have done it before me and I am not asking for anything new mm-hmm

Like I said, I’m a learn at all. Not a know at all. Mm-hmm I learned how to reach out to mentors. Mm-hmm um, I think one great thing, um, about being so learning to be deep within my feminine is to be able to lean into help. Mm-hmm to ask for mentorship, to ask for guidance mm-hmm , um, and not be controlled by my ego [00:16:00] and, um, Yeah, that is what I’m learning.

So whenever I feel fearful, I just know that thousands of people have done it before me. And those are the people that I need to reconfigure who I’m trying to be. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Mm-hmm . Mm, and I love your story and your explanation of that so much, cuz I mean we’re two heads of the same coin. I can already tell that we, we offer very similarly yeah.

In the sense that, you know, starting an agency, like what I’m running now is something I have literally never done before. I’ve never managed a team of this scope. I’ve never managed projects of this scope. And I was sitting in my, at my desk one day and just decided I’m gonna start an agency. Yeah, my fiance’s like, wait, what?

My friend’s like, I’m sorry, what and I just got busy and it took me about seven months behind the scenes to get everything prepped and ready to launch. And we launched and was immediately successful and it’s continued to grow and grow and grow. But that moment of making that [00:17:00] decision was just, what do I want more than anything.

I’ve always seen myself. I don’t have clarity around what this thing is, but I have always seen myself in a boardroom surrounded by creative. Visionary powerful, just innovative women building. I’ve always seen myself there collaborating with a team. And when I think about that vision, I think, okay, where is this?

What is it? The second I thought of that sitting at my desk, I was like, it’s an agency. And I go, okay, cool. We’re building an agency because the feeling that that vision brings me. It’s everything. It is everything. It lights my whole entire heart and soul on, on fire right now. It’s the agency. Yeah. Is it gonna be the agency in 10 years?

I have no idea. Yeah. But right now, everything in me is lit up and it’s that feeling of. there is something so powerful pulling me forward. Who am I not to act boldly? Mm-hmm like, who am I not to get out of my own [00:18:00] way and do crazy things that people might not understand? 

Get out of your own 

Angela Quach (GUEST): way. Sometimes we are.

The hindrance mm-hmm we are the hindrance to our own greatness. Um, I love it. I love your story tri and, and, you know, hearing you speak really lets me know that you are a woman doing her work, you know, doing the, the inner work and that’s gonna be needed. That’s definitely needed entrepreneurship. I think one thing all entrepreneurs can relate to is your company is a reflection of you.

Mm-hmm it is a reflection of your. And your weaknesses. And so, um, usually people learn things in their personal life that they can bring into business, but actually business has taught me so much that I’ve brought into my personal life. Mm-hmm um, and I’ve, and I’ve learned that, um, I need to be very honest and realistic with what my strengths are and I need to outsource my weaknesses.

And I’ve learned that, um, [00:19:00] my capacity to demand excellence. Is going to determine the standard. Um, of my company mm-hmm and so these are all things that entrepreneurship has taught me. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Mm-hmm . I mean, if you want to go on the personal development, spiritual development, self discovery journey of a lifetime entrepreneurship is what

it’s. Okay, lemme just tell you it’s coming up course. 

Angela Quach (GUEST): It’s a reflection of you, um, as it should be, you know? Um, well, and, and I’m sure, you know, as well of like branding mm-hmm, like your brand, your values, everything. It it’s just a reflection of who you are. Mm-hmm , especially in the beginning, especially in the beginning.

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Absolutely. And I would love to now talk about. Your journey as a CEO. So you were working as a producer for the Tony Robbins [00:20:00] brand and then hit this point where you were convicted, that there was more for you. Yes. Tell us where you went next. Tell us about leaving behind what most people would be like a dream job, but you just knew there was more tell us about that.

Angela Quach (GUEST): Definitely. Oh, I knew there was more, um, I here’s the thing, when you being bold. And listening to your own tuition. That’s a muscle. And so it’s amazing, you know, the more that I am still and I can hear the things that I want, that I truly want in my spirit. Um, the more I have to act on it. And so it’s, it’s it started with the baby step, not a baby.

I mean, it was a big step, you know, going to Tony Robbins. And then for me, um, my intuition was like, you know, that you’re capable of more, but my body was like, no, you know, I’m making six figures. I work for a great brand, my [00:21:00] portfolio, my job portfolio’s on point. Um, you know, , I don’t really need it. So here are the things that really motivated me to make that transition one.

Um, I wanted to feel empowered. There was a part of me that wanted to take that chance on myself, but I was a little scared, so I hit under a big brand and then two, um, I. Knew that I was, I was giving because I was giving in a, in a transformational company. So I was like, oh, this is my way of giving back to the people.

And deep down I inside, I knew there was a more direct way to get to the people. And that was gonna be through my own business and my own way of doing things. Okay. So it just took a lot of self work. I’d actually talk about this in my book. Um, how to be the hero of your own journey. So I actually talk about, [00:22:00] um, You have to really believe you’re worthy of your dream first, you know, you, you can’t start backtracking and just like thinking, you know, this is enough, this is enough because when you have that dream, like you said, to start your own agency, it fuels you.

And now that you’ve got this vision, everything that you’re doing is dissonance. If it is not leaning towards that vision. Um, and that is the purpose of vision it’s to make you uncomfortable because the whole ride is gonna be like that. You know, so , and it’s like, here’s a little taste, you know, but, um, I really believe that, uh, the universe, or God only gives us what we can handle.

So piece by piece things started coming together. The first step was okay, I have to get a license. I have to get a business license. I live in the state of California. A license is $800 and some change a year for an LLC. And, um, and then a few hundred dollars for legal fees or, you know, legal [00:23:00] administration prep.

Okay. So that was a thousand dollars. I had never spent a thousand dollars on my own personal initiative. It was weird. It was so weird. And, um, for any woman thinking about taking that leap and they’re like, oh my God, I don’t wanna spend that money. Remember the vision of who you are becoming, and if you were your own best friend, Why would you not encourage yourself to take that leap?

Okay. I was scared. Shook it to just spend a thousand, do like a thousand dollars on myself. Yeah. I feel you. I feel all this, all this shame, all this guilt, all this like judgment on myself, how I could better spend that money and da, da, da. Okay. I took a leap of faith on myself. I said, I’m gonna get the LLC.

I don’t have no clients. I don’t have a strategy, da, da, da, but I [00:24:00] need to set up shop that, put me on a path and not even a sole proprietorship. And you know, many business consultants will give you different advice for me. Um, my best friend is a lawyer and she told me, Angela, you have to prepare for greatness.

She’s like businesses are big. Businesses are not gonna work with you. If you. Sole proprietorship mm-hmm so you should really get your LLC mm-hmm and I’m that advice was so rewarding because it did prepare me to do bigger business, you know, mm-hmm and I didn’t have to do all that transitional stuff of my license and, um, that investment.

Fueled me to like work harder because now there’s money involved. Mm-hmm so, and now I, I spent thousands of dollars on admin. Like now it’s not hilarious. Yeah. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): And so we get so stressed at first. I mean, even a couple hundred dollars when I was starting was like, oh, you know, we’re just [00:25:00] not used to those type of invest.

But what I’ve learned and through developing my, my mindset and my perspective and my beliefs around law of attraction around manifestation around the fact that we live in a benevolent universe that is infinitely giving and abundant, those sorts of beliefs make me, or help me make decisions in a completely opposite way than I ever have before.

Like when I make financial investments, there have been, I mean, multiple times, especially this year where I’ve. Huge investments that I’m not entirely sure. And this is, I mean, most people listen to you are probably like, oh my God, what? This is not financial advice. Let me preface this. But this is just kind of the state of belief that I’m in.

And also the results that I’ve created because of that state of belief. I haven’t had the money for every investment that I’ve made. I’ve had a plan for how I would cover myself if I needed to bail myself out, but the money has always arrived. Within a couple weeks of making that investment, new [00:26:00] clients come in reimbursements, come in, money, comes in from random places.

And people say that all the time, but literally just made an investment yesterday into myself for PR and immediately had a client come in after that. So it’s, it’s those sorts of things. This mindset and this work and this expansion around your beliefs and around your money mindset is so critical to being a powerful entrepreneur and believing that you’re worthy of it.

I think that’s a big missing gap of worthiness is people don’t understand that. No, you are literally inherently designed worthy for everything you could ever want. It’s your belief to claim it. That’s gonna bring it into your life or. So I’m so glad that we went this direction. We were not expecting it.

And you were, yeah, 

Angela Quach (GUEST): I love it. Well, I mean, this is my jam, so I mean, this is, this is something I think entrepreneur, anyone, everyone needs to know. [00:27:00] So I, I wanted to say. Yeah, we’re on, you’re on a journey. So the universe is giving you little progressive steps to get you where you need to go, but, you know, giving you the training wheels.

And for me, the training wheel was, was you need to invest and buy this license. Mm-hmm to start to even just start up shop mm-hmm the one I bought, but you know, what I wanted to say was I had to take the first. Right. You gotta do that first. You wanna run a million dollar business? Yes. Or you gotta take the first step mm-hmm

Um, yeah. So for me, and I hear you on making financial investments and decisions when we’re so scared and unsure of the unknown, but, um, you know, We have to understand that money is a resource and we need to keep reinvesting in our business. And we need to use that, um, to expand the business, to [00:28:00] keep growing, because what you’re eventually what we’re all eventually doing.

And when I had to tell myself, even when I was just a one person, LLC, mm-hmm. was that I’m gonna bring jobs back and I’m gonna create a culture and I’m gonna create a team that loves doing what they do. Mm-hmm . And so my integrity and my intentions were good. Lots of people are successful without these values or intentions, but this is the way I, and this is what I truly believe in subscribe to mm-hmm

Knowing that my vision was bigger than just me and my little one self person company. Mm-hmm now I run a team of five, you know, we’re a strong, I mighty startup, but I had to give myself permission for that capacity. Yeah, we we’ve got to get there. Just the capacity has to be there. Mm-hmm . And then the void will, then the universe will fill the void.

You will find a way. Yeah. You will find a way cuz you’re gonna eat, sleep, [00:29:00] dream about it. Yeah. you’re gonna lean into it. Yeah. Moments of grace are gonna happen. Clients are gonna come. Resources are gonna come your way. And you’re gonna find to fill that into your destiny to fill that into your dream.

Mm-hmm but it all starts with you. I really believe our outer world is a reflection of our inner mm-hmm. . So, what are we believing? What are we telling ourselves? Mm-hmm and if this is, if you need permission to be worthy of your success, to be worthy of your dreams. Let this be your sign mm-hmm to give you permission.

No more imposter syndrome, no more oppression, no more. Um, negative thoughts on yourself. Like, you know, we’ve got work to do as a collective, especially as a female collective. I don’t even that, that. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Your whole facial expression just went power mode. [00:30:00] When you said that, I was like, yes, she’s here for business.


Angela Quach (GUEST): as a female collective we’ve got work to do we have so much systemic injustice. Mm-hmm . 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): mean so much untapped creative potential to creative. Yes. And I firmly I’m biased obviously, cause I’m in a female experience, but I, I believe that females have the most, you know, we have the, the women, women have the most creative minds.

I just, I think that we do. And like, think about how different our world would be if we had more creative power and more vision and more innovators and more, just big thinkers that stepped forward. And this is a great concept to talk about boldness, which is, I think a trait that you really, really embody is it’s boldness in a elegant way, in an authoritative way.

And I love that so much. Is boldness is something that every entrepreneur has to learn to claim for themselves in their own unique [00:31:00] way. And when we think boldness, we think huge extroversion, like crazy eccentric, charismatic, like all of these things, but boldness will mean something different for every single person.

And when I’m working with a client, it’s hilarious to. How many people say, you know, I have a really strong opinion. I have this really strong personality. I have these polarizing perspectives. I have this voice that I just wanna share with the world they’re successful. They’re creating fantastic businesses.

They’re not, they’re not struggling in their businesses, but I’m saying, think about how much more amplified you would feel if you left that out. And every single time I ask what’s the reason you’re withholding that. I don’t wanna upset people. I don’t wanna offend people. I don’t wanna ruffle feathers. I don’t wanna push people away.

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t wanna do all of these things. I don’t want people to think that I’m mean or aggressive or bratty or whatever it is. And listen, listen to me because you’re concerned [00:32:00] with not being those things. You’re never going to be those things, right? Because you care about being respectful and being a person of integrity and being a person that’s driven by vision.

And by respect, you’re never gonna be somebody that does those things. So what do you have to lose by trusting yourself and amplifying your voice and sharing your perspective with the damn world? Because I think it’s an actual, fantastic perspective that everybody needs to hear. Right. So

how can we help people be more bold? What’s your perspective on this? How do we overcome fear? I mean, ultimately this is people pleasing and acceptance. Right? Is there anything else that’s coming into the play here?

Angela Quach (GUEST): I hear you. I hear you, sister. I hear you. I am a recovering people. Pleaser. Mm-hmm I am a recovering.

Yes, woman myself. Here’s what I’ve learned on my journey. Um, I’ve learned [00:33:00] that that, um, as a society, women have been oppressed, we kind of live in the good girl, kind of good girl taboo. And especially for me growing up, I was highly rewarded for being very understanding. For being a good listener, um, for, um, keeping my mouth shut.

And so to, and it, you know, Climbing accolades, um, being a high achiever mixed with the good girl mentality. Um, it got me to a certain point in my career. Um, but what I lost is I, I lost my soul and I lost my voice. Mm-hmm I lost my opinion. Mm-hmm and I reflected in my professional and my personal life.

Mm-hmm um, felt [00:34:00] very small, very, very. Okay. So here’s what I think about being bold. I think that every human man or woman, but especially women, you have a right to be seen for who you are. Mm-hmm exactly as you are. And if anything, though, it’s how to be vulnerable. And that takes courage. That takes major, major, courage, and strength.

And when we can show up as who we are. Not everyone is gonna like it and not everyone is going to receive that. But the people who do thank God, because you are finding your tribe and the more you show up as you who you are, the more your tribe will show up for you. And so that is what I’ve learned.

Mm-hmm, , I’ve learned that my opinion matters. And when I withhold, I get small or I cannot state how I [00:35:00] feel. I lose a chance of sharing a change someone’s life. Mm-hmm . I lose the opportunity to change the direction of a conversation. And, um, like I said, what really helps me through these hard times when I feel like that is that this is not about me.

Yes. I love my personality, who I am, but I’m built this way because I have a very particular message to send in a very particular way. Mm-hmm and only the very particular people are going to hear that. Mm-hmm so I have to get very comfortable with not. Wanting to love every not having everyone love me.

Mm-hmm, , it’s hard. I have people like, you know, it is, I grew up in a traditional Asian American household. You know, I was whooped when I spoke too loudly, spoke too much. So I’m learning to reprogram myself. I’m [00:36:00] parenting myself the way that I wanted to be seen. Mm-hmm um, to be really respected for my opinion.

Mm-hmm and so. If you ever feel that you may be disrespecting one, be aggressive, da da, da. I think, I think that’s bullshit. I think that we live in a man’s world. It can be from a oppressed misogynistic perspective, challenge, everything mm-hmm but don’t challenge your own truth. Yeah. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Whew. Woo. get her like a pulpit and like she needs to preach.

Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love this conversation so much, Angela and I, what I really get is the depth of how much you’ve invested and committed into yourself, which makes the more that you invest and commit into your own growth and evolution. The more of. I, I mean, I use the word weapon, not in a [00:37:00] negative way, but weapon agile, valuable multidimensional coach mentor guide that you are for others.

So what has this whole journey that you’ve undergone through navigating and creating your dream career to where it is right now and who knows it’s gonna, it might shift in the future, but you’ve created what you set out to create thus far. And you’ve grown yourself as a leader to being bold and innovative and outspoken.

And I can tell that you lead from your heart and you speak from your heart. How do you now help others in your community to do that with their own life in their own career? 

Angela Quach (GUEST): Yeah. Thank you. Um, I am no one special, by the way. I’m not like this, like girl genius or anything. I, I just wanna start with this, um, ramble that I, um, grew up.

Very humble beginnings, [00:38:00] Columbus, Ohio, with parents who made less than $20,000 a year mm-hmm so grow major poverty. And what I really believe has prepared me for success is the mindset that if given an opportunity, I won’t let it go. Mm-hmm . And so I’m just, uh, A very savvy, smart girl from the hood, but I learned a lot and I, what I want people to know is that anything is possible.

Anything is possible. If a girl from Columbus, Ohio, with parents working class, parents can have a million dollar company. Anyone can too. And, um, I teach women how to start their own business, because like we talked about earlier, um, when I first started there, Was nothing really out there to like teach you how to be an entrepreneur.

Mm-hmm like, you’re when I wanted to start my business, I got [00:39:00] scattered resources from books, from the mm-hmm business centers, um, from online courses and, you know, there’s so much information out there, but what I needed was, um, I needed mentorship, accountability. I wanted it to be fun. and, um, I wanted it to be particular where I was in like starting my business and learning how to scale it.

Right. Mm-hmm structural part of it, um, because the passion was there. So I started the badass businesswoman bootcamp. Um, we launched our beta last year. We graduated eight women selected women. Congratulations. Thank. I hand picked these women, um, and we put them through an accelerator. So this is a three month accelerator.

It gives you, um, natural education from legal to operations, to finance, to marketing. Um, we teach you how to [00:40:00] negotiate. We teach you how to. Um, sell your value, how to market all this. Um, we introduced the women to a fractional advisory board that they probably couldn’t find in their own personal network.

Um, and we just really elevate their brands, elevate their businesses. Um, one woman actually doubled her revenue, um, the accelerator. So that was amazing. Um, and it is that program brings me. Um, because everything I’ve learned in the beginning of how to be a business owner, I’ve put into a three month accelerator and these women are walking out with.

Full-fledged roadmaps and business proposals and strategy and where they wanna go in the next three, four quarters. And that is something we really need to be thinking. We need to get out of the day to day operations, take a step back and really look at it as if we are C now, as if we are CEOs with growing [00:41:00] departments and growing arms mm-hmm

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): And that, especially when you’re starting, I would have killed to have somebody. Sit me down that has my back, that was willing to talk to me in a way that I could understand, given that I had very little business experience and help me deconstruct what I wanted to create. Mm-hmm because sometimes we start businesses.

This was my case. We start a business because we have education in a certain arena and we’re like, oh, well, I’ll just be independent in that arena. Yeah. Okay. What does that look like? Where are you going? What are your goals? What are your objectives? How are you going to do that? I threw myself in, right.

And I learned the messy way, cuz I didn’t have a mentor until about year three of my business. I didn’t really know that that existed. Yeah. You know, I come from a line of entrepreneurs, but they’re all self made entrepreneurs who kind of. You know, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and it took three times as long to grow and succeed as it [00:42:00] does for the modern entrepreneur, because we have so many ample resources mm-hmm , but more than anything, I needed the clarity when I first started.

So it sounds like that’s really what you focus on. In addition to everything, you need to build a strong foundation and get going. 

Angela Quach (GUEST): Oh, my gosh, I, I, yeah, this program is my baby because it’s everything that I, I, I wish I had starting and there’s two points I wanna make. So, um, us chamber is a commerce released in stats.

Women, women are women, own businesses are growing every single day. Like every single day, there’s a new women owned business opening in the United States. And that is so. Like I’m here for it. Okay. Here’s the sad truth. Half of those businesses are going to fail. Because they’re not educated or structured for growth, and that’s a sad truth.

Like that’s how we’re evolving as a female collective we’re, we’re reaching out. But, you [00:43:00] know, I wanna blaze the trail by saying there is education at every level of your business. And I’ve embraced that as well. Like when I got to a quarter million, what my business needed was very different when I got to half.

Now that I’m a million getting to five. Whole new skill set the university asking of me completely different mindset. So just know that your bus, you are gonna grow with your business. Um, the second point I wanted to make is that as more women are starting businesses, what we’re learning is, um, that there is a need for more me.

More representation in entrepreneurship and in the workplace. So what I love about the badass businesswoman boot camp, all of our advisors are women. Um, all women in high level leadership have had their businesses for several years. [00:44:00] Um, I mean, and not saying that we don’t advocate for male own businesses as well, but we are trying to advocate a sisterhood and that is really what’s missing.

In in, um, In small business America mm-hmm is like really having a sisterhood of women reaching out to each other and building each other up. There’s a lot of initiatives now set aside for women owned businesses. Um, the, you know, the government is doing a lot of great things, grants that are out there, but it is inevitably, you know, once you get to a place in your career as a CEO, I started to feel spiritual obligation to give back.

You know, to give back, um, as we move forward as, um, as a female collective mm-hmm mm-hmm . 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): And I want to tell a quick story just to illustrate the importance of sisterhood, because [00:45:00] it can sound really rainbows and unicorns, but I don’t think that people understand the importance of having. if you wanna call it a network, if you wanna call it an ecosystem, a sisterhood, a tribe, a girl gang, whatever word fits for you.

Here’s the value of it is when you become an entrepreneur, you are gonna grow the most when you have the right people around you. And it’s kind of that, that quote of you are the sum of the three people that you spend the most time with. Absolutely. Are something like that. And when it comes to growing a.

Oftentimes, we are doing it by ourselves. Initially, we maybe don’t have mentors. We maybe don’t have that social network. Some people do. And you’re extremely blessed to, I didn’t when I started. And I just knew right off the bat that I needed to connect with people that were in my industry that had done what I was trying to do, build relationships with those people find a way to exchange value.

Yeah, the value they would be giving me is wisdom from the years that they are ahead of [00:46:00] me and the, the gains that they’ve made and the value I’d be giving them is, is whatever it is that I can support them with. Right? Yeah. So value for value. But I was on the phone with a client the other day and I was talking to her about, oh, I have a friend that does this.

I have a friend that does this. I have a friend that does, let me introduce you to them. She’s amazing. You’re gonna love her amazing personality. I genuinely mean. Yeah. The people that I run with are incredible people and she just stopped. And she said, wow, I cannot wait to get to that point in my business where I have that many incredible people around me.

Cuz I gotta tell you my experience with female friendships has not been that. And I just wanna speak into the sisterhood wound that exists and say that women have been historically pitted against each other. Going into business is such an opportunity and becoming an entrepreneur is such an opportu. To be inspired by, but women by what women can do to learn how capable you are as a woman to sometimes be intimidated by the [00:47:00] success that other people have had, because it’s something new to you that you haven’t seen before.

Maybe you weren’t surrounded by women that were creating the things that. Some women do in their lifetime, right? Yeah. But I mean the motivation, the inspiration, just the stretch and the expansion that you experience surrounding yourself with these type of people is in my opinion, what the value and the beauty of sisterhood is.

And you get to exchange that value. So I just wanted to tell you that quick story, cuz I immediately came to mind when you brought up sisterhood 

Angela Quach (GUEST): I think you and I are definitely aligned when it comes to divine feminine values and it, it is about bringing abundance and collaborative energy versus competitive energy, you know?

And um, I think we are evolving in the workplace. and I have a lot of compassion for women who have blazed the trail, um, for women to [00:48:00] break glass ceilings. Um, they may or may not have had to have. Different type of skill set or energy to blaze those trails. And I have compassion for them, but you know, what I love so much about our generation is that we are given the opportunity to really invest in our internal and emotional health and wellness mm-hmm

And with that, Comes these amazing collaborations, um, and, and this space to generate new ideas, um, and have a really refreshing, I love a refreshing perspective, um, on what sisterhood can be sisterhood and business can be. And, um, that’s definitely something I subscribe to mm-hmm and I try to preach and, and, um, For sure.

I, I hear you and I love it. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Yeah. Yeah. And I would love to kind of wrap up our conversa, like I have loved everything we’ve talked about. You are such a source [00:49:00] of wisdom. And like I said, grace power, all of the things. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your energy with me. I am like so recharged for my day.

Yay. Can you tell us maybe one of your favorite. Transformational stories of the women that you have coached and helped to grow and expand within your badass business woman bootcamp. Did I say that correctly? Yes.

The story of transformation, then tell us like how people can really learn more about this bootcamp. Sink their teeth in, 

Angela Quach (GUEST): you know, I think one of my favorite testimonies or stories. Um, my gosh, I, I would say. Um, it would be one of my clients, ally. She came into the program copywriter, um, kind of entrepreneurial [00:50:00] freelancer kind of on that cusp and really looking to grow.

And, um, what I loved about her is that. She came in. So open minded and, um, this eagerness to learn the willingness that is essential when restructuring the mind. To think like a CEO versus like a thriving freelancer, an entrepreneur, and what she was able to accomplish just through, you know, we are a little radical at B, B B, you know, we, we have a classroom, we have a webinar classroom style, but I do integrate meditation.

I integrate affirmations. Um, I bring in, um, amazing speakers to like hype the women up because this is something we should be excited about, you know, mm-hmm um, she was able to, like I mentioned, double her revenue. She had a business proposal [00:51:00] and, um, she got her business together and now it’s like thriving, but the, what I love so much about her story is that her personal life started to change.

Um, because she was on sort like she was so confident in what she could accomplish, that she started putting a plan together for her fitness and for her health and for her love life mm-hmm . And so what I know to be true as a coach is that if you can do it in one. You can do it in another, right. Mm-hmm if you can do it here, you can do it there.

And, um, I just love to see the 360 transformation and to see her confidence grow in herself. Mm-hmm and that is something business has taught me, um, something that I couldn’t gain from my childhood or my personal life, like having, um, A business is, is like growing a baby. It’s like having a baby. It’s like having [00:52:00] a child it’s it’s um, something that I get to create from my own legacy.

And that brings me real fulfillment and real empowerment and a sense of confidence that I want everyone to experience, especially women that you can have your own. You can have something for your own personal journey that you can truly be proud of. This is your personal accolade. Um, Yeah. So I, I just love to see that kind of 360 transformation mm-hmm cause it is, it’s not, I, I truly believe it’s more about, it’s not just about running a business, you know?

Um, it’s about who we’re becoming. Mm-hmm . Mm. Mm-hmm mm-hmm yes. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Thank you for that. And I, I want everybody listening who is maybe not quite at that moment of kickoff with their business or who is in that threshold of. Partly independent, [00:53:00] maybe doing some side hustling, whatever it may be, but you have a vision to be a CEO.

Go check out the badass businesswoman boot camp, because Angela is a force of nature. You can hear how much she cares. You can hear how much wisdom she has. And I just want you to get into her world and to learn more about. All that you can gain from even just talking to her. So thank you so much, Angela.

This was awesome. 

Angela Quach (GUEST): Thank you. Is there for having me? I really enjoyed this. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Oh my gosh. No, I’m gonna stay connected. I, I hope you realize you got a fan girl for life yourself for that.

Where do you want people to go? Where is the best place to connect with? 

Angela Quach (GUEST): okay. So, um, if you’re interested more about the, um, all women accelerator, check out businesswoman boot camp.com and just to learn more about me, um, as a CEO and my company, the destiny lab, we an innovation [00:54:00] consultancy. Go ahead and check out the destiny, WW dot the destiny lab.co.

You can find us on Instagram, LinkedIn, um, all the platforms. 

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): Super cool. And all of that will be in the show notes guys. So just little scroll of your finger, and you’ll be able to find all of the links, but Angela, thank you so much for your time and showing up just like fully giving. I appreciate you so much.

And I would love to have you back on the show at some point in the future. 

Angela Quach (GUEST): yeah. Carol, let’s keep in touch. Let’s talk more. Thank you so much, Tristan, for having me, it’s been a pleasure.

Tristan Thibodeau (HOST): That is a wrap on today’s episode of the hotline. Thank you so much for tuning in. And if you enjoyed today’s conversation with Angela qu and you want to dive into her world, learn more about what she does.

I highly recommend that you check out the destiny lab.com, which is the multimillion dollar business that she has been running for the past couple of years, or hit that account up on Instagram at the destiny lab. And if you are an entrepreneur getting started on your journey [00:55:00] or looking to really expand and grow your business, 10 out of 10 suggests that you check out the badass businesswoman boot.

You can find that@businesswomanbootcamp.com, all of the links I just mentioned are gonna be in the show notes. So I made it easy on you. Go to the show notes and go check out those links. But Angela speaks from her heart. She is a leader that literally lives her soul and her passion, and also is in.

Incredibly agile, strategic, intelligent, brilliant, and elegant. So I would 10 outta 10 suggest that you continue connecting with Angela. If you felt inspired, if you felt called by her story. And if you love this episode and you love this conversation that I have with Angela. Do me a favor, write a review or leave a rating on apple podcast.

Cause that tells the world that this is an awesome show that needs more ears. Listening, needs more eyeballs, seeing the awesome content that we are putting out to the world. And I would be so appreciative of you taking the time to share some love, spread the love. All the good things. Okay. Fam that’s all I have for [00:56:00] you this week on the hotline.

Thank you so much for tuning in, and I will see you back here for another episode on Monday in the meantime, keep chasing that big impact and big income that you’re after.

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