PODCAST – Feminine Energy & Scaling to 7-Figures w/Bold Heart

About this episode on feminine energy: 

I identify as a female with quite a bit of masculine energy. Meaning, that I like to be assertive and take action. Because of this, the concept of “feminine energy” has never really sat well with me. I mean let’s be honest, how in the world am I supposed to make millions of dollars by floating in a bathtub while waiting for the universe to deliver my desires at my feet?

However, in this conversation with Fabienne Fredrickson, I heard a brand new explanation of feminine energy vs masculine energy in business…and my mind has officially been blown. 

For 20+ years, Fabienne Fredrickson has powerfully mentored thousands of women business owners to grow, then scale their businesses, earning them tens of millions collectively each year while increasing their time off to enjoy the lives they love.

I absolutely love how Fabienne walks us through how to reframe our understanding of feminine energy so that it can serve its true purpose. And she is an absolute expert at supporting female business owners to create the foundations they need to scale to millions of revenue. 

Her Leveraged Business methodology is based on her nearly 15 years of experience generating multiple 7 figures annually with three children at home while taking 14 weeks of unplugged vacations each year. It is proven to work.

If you have the ambition to become a 7-figure entrepreneur, this conversation will open your eyes to what you need to do in the next 1-3 years to prepare for success at this scale. All while letting your feminine energy and masculine energy co-mingle and support each other.

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In this episode about feminine energy, we discuss…

  • Fabienne’s journey to creating her signature system, The Leveraged Business, that helps women create 7-figure businesses (2:32).
  • Why long-term support from a business mentor is far superior to the traditional 3-month business accelerator (9:35).
  • Who you need to become to be a 7-figure entrepreneur (13:38).
  • Why you need to create consistent $8-10k months before you can scale to a million-dollar business (15:43).
  • This is the ONLY objective you should focus on to hit consistent $8-10k months (16:48).
  • The difference between getting people to buy, instead of selling to them (17:23).
  • Signs and systems of not having your business foundation set up for growth (20:15).
  • Why feminine energy does NOT mean sitting back and waiting for the universe to bring you the money (23:4).
  • Where your behaviors and actions actually come from (hint, it’s not your conscious mind) (30:27).
  • The “popcorn effect” and how it helps to scale your business (38:14).

Meet the Host and Guest Expert 

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The Host:

Tristan Thibodeau is the founder of Wild Womn Haus and is a brand strategist for entrepreneurs in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brand industries.

She specializes in helping companies create and maintain their image. She works with market research, industry analysis, and consumer trends to offer strategic insights for brands so that they can enhance their marketing efforts and grow their bottom line.

Follow her on Instagram @tristan.wildwomnhaus and follow the agency on Instagram @wildwomnhaus and TikTok @tristan.wildwomnhaus!

This is a decorative image for the Wild Womn Haus blog post titled “Using Feminine Energy Energy to Scale to 7-Figures w/Fabienne Fredrickson of Bold Heart”.

Today’s Guest Expert:

Fabienne Fredrickson is a business mentor for female entrepreneurs who has created a signature system called the “Leveraged Business” methodology that helps entrepreneurs scale to 7-figures while maintaining a freedom-based lifestyle. All through a well-balanced combination of feminine energy and masculine energy.

Fabienne’s revolutionary book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7 Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the new definitive roadmap on how she’s done it with heart and how you can too, without sacrificing your life. 

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This is a decorative image for the Wild Womn Haus blog post titled “Using Feminine Energy Energy to Scale to 7-Figures w/Fabienne Fredrickson of Bold Heart”.

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Audio Transcript

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: [00:00:00] Hello, you have reached the wild womn hotline, a place for visionary entrepreneurs like you to listen in on value, packed episodes for growing your brand in bold and strategic ways. 

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine that this is your everyday. You are the CEO of a seven-figure business. You work a maximum of three to four hours a day.

You have an expert support team helping you with everything in your business so that you only have to work those three to four hours a day and you get to take 12 to 16 weeks of completely unplugged vacation each year. This is a reality that today’s guest helps her. Create for themselves in their businesses.

I am so honored to get to introduce you to Fabienne Fredrickson, who has been in the industry of business, coaching and [00:01:00] mentorship for 20 plus years, she specializes in helping women business owners to grow scale and leverage their business, to help them make millions all while increasing their time off so they can actually enjoy their.

So Fabienne began created this process. This methodology called the leveraged business methodology. It occurred nearly 15 years to create this, and it was really born out of necessity from wanting more time with her three children for wanting more time with her marriage and just wanting to be more present and enjoy more of her life while making millions of dollars.

So today Fabienne is gonna let us in behind the scenes of the energetic shifts, the mindset shift. The strategy, the feminine energy, the processes and structural shifts that need to happen for you to really embody the identity of a woman who is running this type of business, who gets to live this type of lifestyle and ultimately gets to have it all.

So I’m gonna stop hogging the mic, and I’m gonna take us on into the conversation with Fabienne Fredrickson. [00:02:00] 

All right, Fabienne, like I mentioned before we started recording, I do a lot of research on all of my guests, because I want to know how you serve. I wanna know what makes you unique. I wanna know where your heart’s at and what your passions are, and from what I’ve gained from just everything I’ve absorbed, you are a world class, coach and mentor for female entrepreneurs.

And I would love for you to share the story with my listeners, who many of them are going to be new to you and to your brand, how you got here, what your story is, and just give us a little bit of that background. 

Fabienne’s Journey to Leveraging Feminine Energy in Business

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Sure. Thank you so much for asking me that. So I’ll try to make it short enough, but I have the, perhaps have some lessons in there.

If, if it can be useful, I started my business 21 years. Uh, I took the great leap of faith and I jumped out of corporate where I had been doing advertising, marketing and sales. Um, but it was a soul sucking existence. I, and, and [00:03:00] I, I went to what I thought was going to be my ultimate job. I wanted to work at food and wine magazine and I wanted to sell ad space.

And I got there much more quickly than I thought. And. The universe just told me. Yeah, no, that’s not it for you. You’re here for something else. So I opened up a nutrition practice and I figured, you know, I’ve got advertising, marketing sales, like I’ll get clients. It’ll be fine. And if I can just make 65,000 a year, which is what I made as my base salary at food and wine.

All those years ago, I’m good. Like for the rest of my career, like if I could just make 65 a year, like that’s amazing. And what happened is I had, I, I got a few new clients, maybe like four or five and three of them were friends that were very benevolent and you know, one dad, uh, one day my, uh, I, my dad said, how’s it going?

And I said, well, if I’m being honest with you, The clients are getting great results. And I’m also [00:04:00] floating my life and my business on my credit cards. And I do not have enough clients and I do not have enough money. And I do not want to go back because I’m unemployable now and I don’t know what to do.

And he said something that would be like, duh, for somebody else. But he’s like, you gotta figure out a way to attract clients consistently. And I was like, okay, all right, because I’m unwilling. To go back to what would’ve been a slow death for me, forgive me anybody else who loves working inappropriate agrees with that?

so, so I, I, I did it. I hustled Tristan. I hustled, I, I did whatever I could to get free stuff to, to read books, to take courses. And whenever something worked, I would put it into this, you know, imaginary, this works box air quotes. Right. Uh, and then I also found that a lot of things didn’t. There was a lot of forgive me, gentlemen, [00:05:00] but there was a lot of bro marketing, bro sales, bro, networking.

I love the men, but I’m not a man. Yeah. And I do not want to be a man in my business. And so what I noticed is there wasn’t anything out there that was for me, but, but all the things that I put into my, this works, you know, imaginary box. Worked. And I filled my practice to full capacity in eight months.

And li I didn’t know that that was unusual. Most people can take 5, 10, 15 years to do that. So I was onto something. I had created a client attraction system for myself. Long story. A lot of people asked me, how did you do that? Come have tea with me. I’ll tell you here’s two or three things that you can do.

Oh my God, I got clients great do this, this and this. And, and too many people asked me for me not to pay attention. It was like the universe was knocking on the door, saying you are onto something Fabian Fredericks, and you need to think about doing. [00:06:00] And so after a few dark nights of the soul, I changed my business from nutrition to business coaching, and fast forward, I I’m teaching the client attraction system all over the first, all over New York, then all over the us, and then all over the world.

And I got to a new dark night of the soul, which is now I’m married. I have a baby and my husband says no more attracting clients. We never see. Mm. And it was like, oh, oh, but I’m made for more. I know I’m made for more. How are they making 50 K a month? How are they making a, a million a year? Why is this not available to me?

And. All it’s that’s when after more studying and more really looking at all the things I, I, I realized I needed to leverage my business. And [00:07:00] just to, just to wrap this part of the story, but we can unpack anything you want. I am here to share everything I know. Um, in the time that we have, I, I eventually got to a million in my business from a hundred thousand to a million in just a few short years.

And. Uh, but I was able to do it the feminine way. I was able to remain myself, uh, to come from a powerfully feminine place, but not a masculine and powerful, a feminine, powerful. I was able to do it by taking, um, so much vacation. And what I learned is that leverage. Allows you to do less, better and to work less.

And this isn’t me saying like thin thousand, 30 days, and like giving you like this thing, literally you can, you make, you work less making a million a year than you do a hundred [00:08:00] thousand. Then you work less making a hundred thousand a year than you make. Making 10,000 a year, and it’s all about leveraging everything about your business.

And so this is why I wrote this book, the leverage business, and now I take women throughout the world. If they’re not yet at 10 K a month, I take them there. But really our sweet spot now is to take women. In three to five years. Okay. It’s not a weekend, but in, depending on where they start three to five years, you have yourself a million dollar business and you have all this free time.

That’s what I do. 

Why Longer Coaching Containers Support Feminine Energy in Business

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: I love the longevity of what you do. First of all, is that you. Work with people on such a long term basis. And that is something I see. So rarely it’s a lot of these three-month, six-month programs, masterminds that are meant to get you the results and then push you along. And in my experience, you might get the result once, but can you maintain it?

Can you sustain that? Is that something that you can replicate over and over and over again? And in [00:09:00] my mind that those sorts of models, and this is me speaking from personal experience, create almost a, um, A lack of confidence in the entrepreneur to do it on their own and to be able to sustain those results long term, once they’ve left the guidance of their mentor or of their coach, whoever they’re working with.

So can you talk about maybe the long term results that you’ve seen people get from the year to two year model that you’ve built versus the three month, six month, maybe nine month program that we’re used to with. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: So I have a lot to say about this because I’ve been at this for 21 years and however much, this sounds, whatever it sounds like I have literally coached more than 10,000 women and a few great guys.

Okay. Mm-hmm but I, mostly women just, I don’t know, they’re attracted to maybe the feminine energy aspect, but I will tell you this. Oh, how do I say this kindly? [00:10:00] be as honest as you need to . If, if you could do it in a few months, you would mm-hmm the, the there’s so much that needs to change. First of all, there’s this, if let’s just, we’re talking strategically speaking, there’s a lot to change.

Okay. If you wanna get from 10 K a month to 20 K 50 K 75, a hundred K a month, we need to have you leverage. A team, you may have a team or you may be somewhat supported now. But that’s the team you have now. Dare I say it and sound controversial. The team you have now is not the team that will likely get you to a million mm-hmm okay.

And maybe not everybody wants to get to a million, but it’s also not the team that’s gonna get to to two 50 a year mm-hmm okay. Then we need to leverage systems for everything and turn your mindset as the business owner, into the leader of a process driven company. Not like, oh, when it was the fian show or [00:11:00] forgive me like the Tristan show or the Jamie show or whatever, it’s, it’s about creating a business that is consistent, where everything is documented.

Everything runs. Most times like a well-oiled machine. And that allows you as the business owner to get out of the day to day operations of your business and work on your unique brilliance activities, where you can spend three hours a day and you scale your business in those three hours, as opposed to all the whacka mowing and all the fire putting outing.

Right. And all of that, um, leverage your time, leverage your business model to work one much more one to many than you be be doing now that that’s just like the first year. And that takes a while because there’s this whole body of possible knowledge that you don’t know that you don’t know exists. Right?

So being, I’m just [00:12:00] gonna say this is being mentored by a seven figure business owner, especially one that’s been at this for a long time, whoever she is, whoever he is, they will, they will, they will not be a one trick pony. So usually when you’re being mentored, I’m just gonna say what I wanna say. Uh, for like just a few weeks or just a few months, you’re gonna have to go elsewhere.

And it’s a whole new setting up process, but that’s not even it. Okay. The thing that’s the strategy piece. There’s a lot that needs to be put in place, but the thing that really needs to change is your identity. Your mindset, your belief, your self image, the person that you are now today is not the person who will be at the 10 X of whatever your current revenues are.

Mm-hmm why, because if you are, self-image [00:13:00] your belief system, your neural pathways, your, um, rules. Are how they are now. You can’t create, you can look at, uh, law of attraction. You can look at the quantum field metaphysics, all of that, who you are today will not create those results. And. We need to shift that.

So people come in for example, to my program and they think they’re coming in for the strategy. And of course they are, there’s all the things and all the meetings and all of that, so that you have the right recipe to work from. But it’s all about who you become. You need to become the seven figure business owner.

On the inside with the right belief systems, the right expectations, the right rules, the right approach to leveraging everything about your life and that, and, and the mindset. And [00:14:00] that is when everything falls into place. That’s when there’s no more procrastination, there’s no more overthinking. There’s no more perfection paralysis.

Just that in itself is gonna take some. And I think that few people are willing to go on record saying, it’s gonna take a couple years. 

Creating a 7-Figure Mindset Through Feminine Energy and Masculine Structure

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm I 100. And that’s the piece. So many people don’t say, and that’s why I’m so appreciative of the way that you run your business and the way that you’ve set up your programs and your containers is that you have to get to a certain threshold.

And I’m gonna talk energetically here. From my perspective, you have to get to a certain threshold. Comfortability with a certain amount of income with a certain amount of, um, leadership demands with a certain amount of team communication, knowing how to work with different people, knowing how to actually be a leader before you can even con.

Sitter going to a quarter of a million [00:15:00] dollars a year, half a million or a million. And so that’s why I love you have these two tracks, the growth track and the leverage track that you work with people on. And I would love to hear, I wanna talk more about mindset, but I wanted to circle back because I knew the second I would ask the question.

We we’d go. Cause this is such a great conversation. I wanna circle back around why you say getting to those consistent. I believe it was eight or 10 K months. Yeah. For the growth track is so important before you ever embark onto creating a seven figure business. Yeah. So can we talk about what things need to happen structurally process with team with mindset before you even consider scaling to a seven figure business?

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah. So here’s, here’s the difference and rarely does anybody ask me that? So I’m really glad that you did what I notice. Uh, I’ll just start with saying what I noticed 15 years ago when I was doing my first programs and masterminds, I would throw everybody in the same room. So somebody [00:16:00] was making, who’s not even making 10 K a month.

Uh, like maybe she’s making two K a month is in the same room as somebody’s making. Uh, two, you know, two 50 a year and they’re asking the same questions and they’re both getting annoyed. Okay. So I learned that the hard way, cuz I was just doing what everybody else was doing until I drew a line in the sand and I said, Fabienne, you have to do this with integrity.

They need two separate recipes. The first one, if you wanna get to eight to 10 K a month, let’s be honest. You don’t have enough my money to hire a. Unless you’re independently wealthy. Sometimes you still have a corporate job. You’ve gotta do everything yourself. And that means triage, triage, meaning you have to focus on two things and two things only marketing and sales, marketing, and sales, marketing, and sales.

Everything other than client delivery is about bringing in the money. And most people hate marketing. Most [00:17:00] people hate sales. Yes. I teach them how to do it. Honestly, marketing is a love letter to your clients when you do it the right way. Okay. Um, this is what I teach the love letter marketing. The, the, um, I teach a process of doing feminine sales in the sense that you do not sell the entire.

You’re literally holding space, asking the right questions. And because you’re creating this sacred space for the woman to buy, right. Not to be sold to not, to be convinced because women love to buy, but hate to be sold to. And we could go down the rabbit hole of why, because throughout our lives, some people, many people want a piece of us that we don’t want to give.

Right. But they feel like it can just take it. That’s another thing, but in sales it’s the same thing. So they have their guard way up. If you can [00:18:00] apply steps to feminine selling where the person feels so safe, that they let down their guard. and then you can have a energetic heart to heart conversation where you’re not selling.

She tells you, you know, you go through this whole process, but at the end where you both, sometimes not every time, sometimes have tears in your eyes being like, yeah, so let’s do this, right. Let’s let’s do this. Mm-hmm . That is what you have to focus on at the exclusion of everything else in the. And what I’ve noticed in my own life and having worked with so many thousands of people, is that at that’s between like 75, 80 and a hundred to 120 and that’s us dollars.

So if you go to the UK, it’s like around that VA of 75,000, um, pounds. There’s a whole new set of problems that arise because you have less time [00:19:00] mm-hmm but you’ve got more work because you’re doing probably a lot of one to one, instead of one to many, you don’t have the right support cuz you just hired really quickly.

And so you still have to micromanage and helicopter parent, your team. There’s not enough systems built. And, and you’re still in that place where, Ooh, I don’t have the money and I don’t have the knowledge. So then at that point, sales and marketing continue to go, but you need to leverage a team. Leverage your systems, leverage your time, leverage your business model, and then a year later, leverage your marketing.

So your omnipresent leverage your accountability with your team, leverage your differentiation and leverage your lifestyle with a second in command who can run your business that can never happen in the first year. Mm. First few years.

What Can Happen If You Rely Too Much on Feminine Energy in Business

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Yep. 100%. And what have you seen happen? Maybe some signs that somebody is trying to jump too quickly without having the right [00:20:00] foundation built for anybody that is growth hungry, or that is really ambitious and driven.

And they’re trying to grow as quickly as possible, but maybe don’t have the right foundation set up. What sorts of things can happen or what are the symptoms of not having your. Growth foundation set up. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: I, I think it’s this idea that I wanna leverage, but I’m not going to let go of the white knuckle grip.

Right? The white knuckling of, of understanding that what got you here. Yeah. Will not get you there. So, like I said, you have to work infinitely less. And what that, what that requires, and this is like classic E myth revisited, right? What it requires is you to shift your identity because identity drives behavior, shift your identity to be a business owner, not.

The doer, the deliverer, and a lot of things need to shift on a mindset level in the sense of a lot of [00:21:00] people feel significant from. I call it the, the hero syndrome, da da, da, da, da. I save the day with this client and they need me and no one else can do it like me. If you have got that, we cannot scale your business quickly.

So what needs to happen is, um, you can try to go fast, but you need to do that mindset work. First of let go of the control enthusiast. And I’m not gonna say control freak, cuz that’s demeaning. We had to be control enthusiasts in the beginning because it all depended on us and you want qu quality control and all that good stuff.

Um, but uh, if you want to scale, you have to let go of the idea that you’re gonna do everything your. And your business is not there to meet your emotional needs. 

What Feminine Energy In Business Does AND Does Not Mean

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm mm-hmm I love this conversation [00:22:00] so much and I want to dive into the topic of feminine versus masculine and sure. If I may let me explain the way that in previous business containers, I’ve been taught feminine energy and feminine ways of doing business.

And I would love to hear your perspective on it because what I’ve received has never been empowering to me around feminine ways of doing business. And I. I have an idea that it’s probably the person teaching it rather than the concept itself. So the way that I’ve been taught feminine business is that it is very much a majority passive, um, way of running your business, where you’re relying on the laws of the universe and manifestation and all of these things to attract abundance to you.

And. The way I understand masculine is it’s very much that extra, that going out, that doing that force forward, whereas the feminine is more receptive and the way I’ve been taught passive mm-hmm . So we’re sitting in a bubble bath, manifesting a million dollar year. [00:23:00] Right. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Bring me the money.

How Fabienne Teaches Feminine Energy in Business

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: So can you please explain the way that you teach feminine business? Because like I said, that concept has never empowered me, so I’ve always pushed back against it. It just doesn’t click in my mind. I’m a systems and a process as gal. So I would love to hear your explanation of the two. Yeah. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: And you know what there’s room. And I teach a little bit of the law of attraction, the universal laws, the all of that, because it has to do with the subconscious. And, um, the subconscious is a feminine energy while the masculine energy is the conscious, it plants literally plants the seed. Okay into the subconscious and the subconscious gives birth to the seed in a, in a, in a, you know, in its evolved form.

Um, okay. So if you, you touched on it, you, if you understand the masculine energy, [00:24:00] it’s an energy of doing it’s pushing it’s action. It’s solo it’s goal driven. It’s. Uh, accumulation. It’s go, go, go, go. Busy, busy act, act, act super useful. Okay. It’s kind of when we, we, okay. I’ll get back to that. So super useful.

The feminine energy. Is a being energy it’s receiving mm-hmm it is, uh, replenishing. Uh, it is also about attracting and it is about community. It’s about nurturing. Um, it’s about, uh, quiet. It’s about the moon darkness versus the sun lightness now so far, we’re probably still on track. And [00:25:00] I just want to invite us as we’re listening to this conversation to look outside, if you have a window and you’ll notice if you think about it, that everything that works in nature works with a combination of feminine and masculine energy together.

Yin and young, feminine, masculine. So the problem that we’ve encountered over basically like thousands of years of the masculine being rewarded while the feminine energy is tolerated at best mm-hmm , if not hum. Uh, ridiculed is that we, women who are. Powerful who feel that we’re made for more, who are ambitious in healthy way.

When we wanna be rewarded, society has taught us that we need to, you know, wear skirts in the boardroom and, you know, like whatever, um, and be masculine. And so we are cutting off [00:26:00] a whole half of our incredibly. Powerful ways of building a business that does have to do with attracting. Okay. But it’s not just the law of attraction.

It’s like how I’ve described the closing of the sale. Uh, the selling from the heart and the marketing from the heart with love and nature and authenticity and compassion, compassion, nurturing. All those feminine qualities are incredibly powerful. But if we ridicule them, we’re not gonna use them. So we are, you know, usually just working on half of that, but I want you to imagine, let’s go back to nature the sun.

If the sun were shining 24 hours a day, and there was no darkness, if there was sun and no rain, if there was sun and no moon, everything would die. [00:27:00] Conversely, if there was moon and darkness and, and wetness and no drying, everything would die. Mm-hmm so what we’re really looking for is we’ve swung as women.

So the pendulum is strung. So to the opposite that we think we need to be all feminine energy. Bring me the money I don’t need to act or implement at all. All . Yeah. I’m just bringing levity to this conversation, right? we’ve swung all the way to the other side thinking, well, I don’t need structure. I don’t need systems.

I don’t need to act, I don’t need to implement, I don’t need strategies in that. Is not the way nature works. So everything I do and everything I teach is I teach on two levels. I teach pragmatic structure systems. I provide structure for people’s [00:28:00] nature so they can implement because the majority of us start new things and don’t finish them.

I know because I, all my clients take assessments. 95% of them are the same high ideas, but the follow through is not the same, right? Yep. So you need, you need the exact recipe. You need to be in the kitchen, you need to follow, use the right tools and all of that. So I teach on a pragmatic level, but at the same time, I teach on an energetic level.

We, we have at bold heart, a mindset first methodology, and while mindset sounds like it’s masculine, I’m, uh, looking at it on, um, the subconscious realm of what are, are you, are we trying to plant the pragmatic seed of something we wanna grow in concrete? Because if you are SUBC. Mind does not believe or expect you to be at a million or to be at 500,000 or to [00:29:00] believe I’ll give you an example.

Two days ago, yesterday, I taught a half day for all of our members, um, on visibility. Mm. They all expected that I was like, what’s your intention? They came. And they were like, oh, I wanna plan for visibility. I’m like, no, we talk about this all the time. That’s in your other stuff. Let’s talk about your beliefs, your fears about being seen.

Oh, man. We just talked about the subconscious the whole time we did in real time, um, processes to create new neural pathways in the brain to shift their beliefs, to quell their fears, not feel the fear and do it anyway. Yeah. There’s always gonna be some of that, but really we’re shifting this subconscious.

So what I’m trying to say is. N you gotta teach or you gotta do the pragmatic stuff. And also, uh, come from the energetic, [00:30:00] uh, angle. Because if you are trying to act from the same beingness that you were before, you’re not going to literally manifest because you’re not going to implement, I’ll say this another.

Your behaviors and your actions do not come from your conscious willful mind. It comes from your subconscious mind. And the subconscious is what drives the actions. Willpower is 5%. The subconscious is 95%. So this is why we have a mindset first methodology. And O honestly the leveraged business book is a hundred percent mindset.

It’s, it’s closed in a business strategy book, but it’s all the mindset shifts that you need to have. This is why it’s so powerful. And people are like, wow, you really went there. [00:31:00] because it’s the, it’s the feminine energy that then works to allow the masculine energy to, to be manifested. If you will. Mmm.

And that was a long explanation, but I feel very strongly that a virtually and to, with all due respect to all my colleagues and friends in the business, they’re applying 50% of what they could be. Uh, and this is where the genius is. This is where the magic happens. And this is why if you go to, to the website and you read the success stories, it’s.

Mind boggling it’s because you can’t have one without the other masculine feminine 

The Balancing Act of Implementing Feminine and Masculine Energy in Business

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: mm-hmm and I’m so glad that you just ran with this concept because the way you explained it unlocked, and it just gave so much permission to the frustrations I’ve been feeling around when people talk about feminine ways of doing business.

I find when I attract more of those clients who describe themselves as feminine, they’re very resistant to structure. [00:32:00] They’re very resistant to any form of processes or accountability or consistency. And that’s something that I have really struggled to assist them with and to approach them with is how do we balance these two things without them feeling that they’re being the way.

Heard it described by them as they feel like they’re feminines being drained or that they’re being forced into the masculine. And so I love the explanation that you just gave and that the two, they compliment each other they’re yin and young. They’re absolutely essential. And so can you maybe talk about since we’re so focused on mindset and I love that we are because I agree.

This is probably the most important part of growing and scaling and being powerful as a leader is your mindset. What are the things that stop a more feminine identifying entrepreneur from adopting more, um, accountability or structure, and then the opposite. So somebody that is more structured and masculine, [00:33:00] what holds them back mindset wise from adopting more feminine processes into.

Business. So we’re kind of looking at both. Does that question make sense? 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, I, it does make sense. And I would say that I think a lot of it is probably upbringing, the programming that you received as a child. So that’s actually some of what we talked about during the visibility. Um, I have activators and then this was an innovator, like talking about the stuff, is that the programming that we received before the.

Seven, um, where we’re literal sponges in a hypnotic state, we pick up everything around us. And if you have witnessed that, um, that the, the, the, the feminine is ridiculed at, you know, or tolerated at best, you’re gonna decide if you, if you wanna be successful, you’re gonna decide to. More masculine and then throughout your life, if, if, whether it’s in school, it’s in corporate, it, [00:34:00] you know, it’s the little things that people have said.

You’re gonna naturally act more from that perspective. Um, and I’ll also say that if we’ve been, if we’ve experienced some trauma as, as women where the masculine has been, uh, how do I say. Um, put on us, uh, we might just reject all things masculine and try to veer too. Uh, my judgment of it being too much is, is not important at all, but if we wonder why we’ve completely rejected the masculine and it’s very easy, these days in our culture, in our society to reject the, the masculine entire.

Right. So I don’t know if that’s the, the, the question that you were asking me, but based on our socialization and based on our, um, what we’ve [00:35:00] witnessed and experienced in life, it’s very easy to go towards the thing. The way to get back is to show it and to experience that there is a divine feminine. And there is a divine masculine mm-hmm and what we’ve, what we are we’ve experienced is a lot of toxic masculine.

And also some, um, I don’t know if it’s toxic, feminine or confused, feminine or UN, you know, ungrounded feminine. It it’s, you know, thousands of years of subtle conditioning. That you are less than that. You’re the second sex that, um, that you, you know, if you look at a deck of cards, there’s only one woman and she’s not powerful enough.

Right. Mm-hmm , and, and it’s, it’s pervasive, it’s everywhere. Um, so, you know, if, if I don’t. [00:36:00] Of course, you know, we vilify the masculine and we ridicule the phone. And so we’re gonna just try to figure out where, how can we be mm-hmm I I’ll tell you this. What I think is super important. And I, I, I try to be this with my daughter, but also my, my two sons who are teenagers, um, and also, uh, our members of boar is I.

I, I don’t try. I am. I give myself permission to be powerfully feminine and unapologetic about it. So, you know, you can tell, I have somewhat of a decisive personality and I don’t mind being contrarian, but always with love. Um, but I’m also, uh, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Mm-hmm I’m quick to emotion. But not emotional emo, which means I feel strongly.

And I allow myself to have a tear come in my eye, even if I’m on stage. I do not [00:37:00] apologize for that. And I think it’s really important in our society, especially in business right now to have. Powerful feminine examples of people who make several million a year, but who also have a fantastic marriage and great relationship with their kids.

And they have a lot of downtime to fill the oil lamp back up so they can continue to shine. So more examples, please. 

How Fabienne Uses Feminine Energy to Create Freedom in Her Business

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Yes. And you literally just read my mind because I was gonna ask you, you personally are a fantastic example of this, of having. I’m not in your life, but from what I can see from the way the content that I’ve read the content or the copy on your website, you have a wonderful marriage.

You have beautiful children. You take 12 to four 16 weeks of vacation a year. Yeah. Mm-hmm right. You have a seven figure business. You have a team. So you are a fantastic example of a successfully leveraged business. What are some other examples that [00:38:00] listeners could look to to see how this looks in real life?

I always think it’s important to have role models or people that are doing the thing that we’re talking about to help us wrap our brain around it. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah. So, uh, uh, before I answer that part, I’ll quickly talk about the popcorn effect. Yeah. Okay. So this is something I’ve really noticed in the last few years.

And, and there’s a mini documentary on the bold heart page. Uh, the yeah, bold heart website. I think it’s on the programs page. It’s nine minutes. And it’s essentially how community, how the evidence, how. Being in a community, a family of other, an intentional community of other women who are generous and kind and have a healthy ambition.

And who are, um, who are, uh, going for it? Um, that creates this, um, I just call it the popcorn pot. If you’ve ever [00:39:00] made popcorn, you know that in the beginning, you’re just sitting, there’s nothing that’s happening. And then. Just one, one kernel pops. And that imagine that that’s a woman, you just entered a community.

You’re like your first month in. And that woman just got to a million, but she’s like normal. She’s not she’s normal. And you’re like, what I could be. I could be next to you at the grocery store. And I would never think that you’re seven figures. Mm-hmm it’s it’s like, wow. So it doesn’t have to be, honestly, it doesn’t have to be all these people who are like in the limelight.

Because I don’t know what their marriages are. Mm-hmm , you know, I, some of them don’t have kids. Some of ’em are, I mean, there are crazy people out there. Believe me. , I’ve met them, I’ve seen them backstage. And then I see what they say on the stage. And it’s not the same thing. What’s more important if I [00:40:00] may is to look for the evidence around you and then, and if you’re in a container and you go pop and you see another one.

And they’re never, they don’t pop at the same time. Otherwise it’d be like, is this Oz or something, you know, wizard it us, but you start, you wanna get yourself in a community of where you, the popcorn effect is all around you because the evidence. Is so strong and it works so quickly on your self image and your deservedness and your worthiness and, and it normalizes like one of the things I’m here for is to normalize that women can have it all, whatever all means to them.

And it’s not the four cars. And I had the th the house with the 13 bedrooms and all the things, right. Mm-hmm and you know what, that, wasn’t my version of having it all. But when you figure that out and, and I, I wanna normalize that you can make. Your own money and lots of it. And you can work three to four hours a [00:41:00] day and take 16 weeks of vacation a year and have a great marriage and all of this.

If that’s what you want, you can move across the world and have your, your business run itself. And when you see the evidence of that in your commute, your intentional community, that’s more powerful. I believe infinitely more powerful than. These people out there where you don’t actually, you can’t talk to them.

You don’t know if they’re actually living their message. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm mm-hmm . Yeah. So those, I love that you’re saying, look to the person in your community, that’s done it. And also surround yourself with women who have similar ambition and similar drive. Yes. I’ve grown the most when I’m in community. And that’s why I love that you’re highlighting community.

Cuz everybody speaks about it. To some extent as a. Of joining something, but you’re speaking about it as no, it’s, it’s a ripple effect. Like it touches you when it transforms you 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: it’s be it’s beyond the ripple effect. The reason I [00:42:00] mentioned the documentary on the programs page of bold heart is because I flew in.

Uh, a, a documentary filmmaking team to come to Connecticut. When we used to do meetings in person. Now we do them, uh, online, uh, and it, and I said, can you just capture the magic here? Cause the way I’m describing it and I mark it the way I’m, it’s harder to market yourself. Right. Always can you, can you just tell me, like, what’s my fairy dust and weeks later they said, here’s your documentary?

And I’m like, I can’t use. I mean, I didn’t say that. I was like, this is beautiful. It’s inspiring, but it’s all about community. And they’re like, Fabienne, you don’t understand, you are out. You’re an outlier here. You have such the ability. And here’s what I realized is, especially for women, I hope you’re all hearing this, especially for women.

If you understand how we’re wired for, for oxytocin, the bonding hormone. When you have a baby, sorry to get [00:43:00] graphic. When you have a baby, you you’re, you’re triggering oxytocin when you’re nursing. Mm-hmm, , you’re triggering oxytocin when you’re, when you’re in a community of other people and you can hug, even if it’s online, when you can share and have time.

Talk out loud, which is the way that women typically process mm-hmm is we talk out loud that. Allows you to create results that are out, uh, uh, outstanding. The having the community is not just about, you know, being in the community. It’s where we see ourselves. If we doubt. The person will say, um, hi, do you remember how great you are?

Because if you don’t let me remind you in this moment. Mm-hmm and when you have hundreds of people like that around you, there is nothing you can’t do. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm I completely agree. I completely agree. [00:44:00] And Fabienne and I just wanna thank you for your time. This has been such an incredible conversation. You are.

So charismatic yet. So elegant and I don’t know how you combine the two, but it’s magical. So thank you so much for your time. And I want everybody listening to go download Fabian’s book, the leverage business plan. Is that what it is? Say? What’s the title of it. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Oh, the leveraged business. Yeah, you I’m actually gonna send you a real copy in the mail, uh, free, uh, you just go to, yes.

Bold heart.com at the top. Uh, you just, just pay the 2 95 shipping for shipping and you get for free. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Okay. Everyone. There’s no reason not to do that. You’re gonna learn all of the concepts that we were talking about in more. In terms of the mindset that makes the strategy and the structure work. You’re also gonna get access with that purchase.

I believe the leveraged business assessment. So you can find out exactly which of the eight, is it? Eight categories? 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Eight activators. Yep. Okay. Those are guaranteed. The, the eight are guaranteed to get you to a million with [00:45:00] your life back, but not everybody. Needs to start at one it’s the assessment helps you see where, where do you start?

It’s customized. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Mm-hmm and I took it. And my two areas that needed the most help were the business models and the lifestyle. And I don’t disagree. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: interesting. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: I do not disagree. So everybody listening, go grab your copy of the book. Go take the assessment. The, as the assessment was really fast, but also gave me super thorough.

So you’re gonna love this. And is there anything that you wanna leave? The wild wind fam everybody listening with? Like I said, this has been such a phenomenal conversation. I’m so thankful for your energy and your wisdom. 

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, my pleasure. I would say just, uh, just as a reminder, that left to our left in isolation left to our own devices.

We will self doubt as. Hmm. And if you can get yourself in a powerful community, that is where everyone intentionally and who [00:46:00] has skin in the game, wherever you can find it, this is what will expedite your next level. So don’t forget that as a woman, community. Is everything beautiful. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Thank you so much. I appreciate you so deeply.

GUEST: Fabienne Fredrickson: Thank you. 

HOST: Tristan Thibodeau: Do you see what I mean about this woman? I was blown away by FA and I think that she is just incredible. Graceful powerful, authoritative all of the things all while remaining in tune with her feminine and balanced with her masculine. I love this conversation. And if you are like, where is the book?

How can I get my hands on the assessment? Like fian said, it is completely free. You just pay for the shipping and the handling, which is. Anywhere from 2 95 to 4 95, depending on if you are international or not. The link to that is in the show notes. And along with the book, you also get access to the business assessment, which is what I was [00:47:00] referencing when I said my business model and my lifestyle needs some improvement before my business can be officially called leveraged, which.

I do not disagree with it was very eye-opening and, you know, shined a light on what I’ve known, but apparently need more attention on you’re also gonna get access to a free video series tutorial in an activator’s reference sheet for how to really leverage all of these different aspects of your business.

This all is completely free. Sands the shipping and handling that you pay, which is 2 95 to 4 95 guys, honestly go sign up for this. It is so worth it. If you love this episode, you are only gonna get more value in all of the resources that Fabian put together for you in her revolutionary book, the leveraged business.

So that link is in the show notes. And if you love today’s show and you wanna show some support for today’s show, go ahead on over to apple podcast and leave us a rating or. Reviews and ratings are one of the absolute best ways that we can help grow the audience [00:48:00] and the listenership and the support for the show because ratings and reviews tell apple podcasts that this is a really powerful, valuable, you know, piece of content that needs more eyeballs and ears on it.

And ultimately with how much we put into. You know, bringing on guest experts and editing and publishing and promoting and creating content. We want to provide you with the best, the very best content and the way that you can show your appreciation is by leaving our rating or review. So if you feel so inclined to head on over to apple podcast and do so, that is all I have for you today.

Now here comes all of the motivational plugs, go secure the bag, go chase that dream life that you. And keep pursuing that big impact and big income that you are after. I’m sending you love and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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