PODCAST – Tristan’s Top Tips for Creating a High-End Brand

If you want to make more money in your business, you have to focus on creating a high-end brand. Before you jump to conclusions, your brand does not need to be a luxury brand in order to become a high-end brand.

A high-end brand uses intentional systems, processes, brand design, and customer service to create a brand experience that justifies high-ticket prices. Without these facets, your target audience will have a hard time rationalizing paying a premium price for a brand that looks like it lacks credibility.

Any brand can be a high-end brand IF you are willing to focus on the 6 key pillars that take a brand to the next level.

In this solo-cast, Wild Womn Haus founder, Tristan Thibodeau, walks you through the 6 core pillars that make a brand high-end so that you can raise your rates, build authority, and be credible AF.

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The 6 Key Pillars of Creating a High-End Brand

Pillar 1 of a High End-Brand: Strategic Attraction

  • Make sure you have your brand strategy in place
    • Have a clear and compelling brand identity 
    • Have a strong presence on multiple platforms
    • Make sure you have your funnels set up
    • Cover all your bases with the ability to respond to inquiries
    • Make it a regular practice to audit your brand for broken links, inaccurate information, outdated branding, typos, etc.

Pillar 2 of a High End-Brand: Seemless Discovery

  • Stop referring to your business as a solopreneur
  • Be as concise and clear as possible
  • Quality over quantity, always…but be consistent
  • Make sure you have the next steps and that you lead people to the water

Pillar 3 of a High End-Brand: Effective Conversion

  • Listen more than you speak
  • Ask about the bigger picture, not the immediate problems
    • Create solutions for getting there, not solving the current problem

Pillar 4 of a High End-Brand: Exception Brand Experience

  • Get your shit on lock with your customer experience

Pillar 5 of a High End-Brand: Thoughtful Offboarding

  • Make this as streamlined as possible
    • Have templates for testimonials or reviews with easy links to guide your client to leave a review
    • Send a thank you gift
    • Acknowledge them for how far they’ve come
    • Provide them with a referral bonus for anyone they send your way

Pillar 6 of a High End-Brand: On-Going Relationship Building 

  • Host client mixers
  • Send special invites to attend workshops or events
  • Send holiday and birthday messages or gifts
  • Check in to see how they are doing

Click here to listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts!

This image features Tristan Thibodeau, the host of this podcast episode

Connect with the Host:

Tristan Thibodeau is the founder of Wild Womn Haus and is the brand strategist for entrepreneurs in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brand industries. 

She specializes in helping companies create and maintain their image. She works with market research, industry analysis, and consumer trends to offer strategic insights for brands so that they can enhance their marketing efforts and grow their bottom line.

Follow her on Instagram @tristan.wildwomnhaus and follow the agency on Instagram @wildwomnhaus and on TikTok @tristan.wildwomnhaus!

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