PODCAST – Why Public Relations Is Important for Your Brand

Public Relations (PR) is critical for scaling your business, and in this episode of the Wild Womn Hotline, we dive into why public relations is important for your brand with acclaimed Publicist, Lydia Bagarozza.

Lydia helps purpose-driven brands expand their audiences, grow their impact, gain credibility and trust, and create a new point of entry to their businesses through media exposure. 

She is really passionate about working with coaches, mentors, consultants, and environmentally conscious brands, and finds it her absolute mission to help them leave behind a legacy on this planet.

Curious to learn more about Lydia’s work? Her clients have features on a wide variety of media outlets, including but not limited to, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Well+Good, Thrive Global, Byrdie, FabFitFun, SheKnows, Coveteur, HelloGiggles, and Medium.

Here’s a taste of the topics Lydia walks us through in this episode: 

Lydia’s journey to becoming a publicist

What defines PR as a tool for growing your brand?

  • Public relations vs marketing vs advertising
    • sales focus vs. focusing on your audience
    • showcases your story, mission, and personality
  • Building relationships with your audience through features
  • Using PR as a tool for exposure

The various media outlets used in PR

  • TV, podcasts, radio, interviews, roundups, expert commentary, publications

Why public relations is important for your brand and is often the missing piece in a lot of online entrepreneur’s brands

  • Fill in the blank: “for public relations to be successful it should be”
  • The likelihood of getting sought out for press vs. the value of pitching yourself

What PR can do for brand exposure and why public relations is important for your brand

  • How it can build brand perception
  • What goes into developing and implementing public relations campaigns
  • The benefits of implementing PR campaigns 
  • How you can capitalize on your press features
  • It also improves:
    • visibility
    • credibility
    • authority
    • your conversion rate
    • grows your social media following
    • helps your social accounts get verified

How to capitalize on press features and why public relations is important for your brand

  • Blogs
  • Podcast show notes
  • Email list
  • Website “as featured in” sections
  • Social media posts and sharing
  • Add to your introduction and bios
  • Leverage to get future press features

Changes to PR in the future and practicing conscious PR

  • Future changes to PR
    • shifts away from print to digital and podcast features
    • focus on online retailers
    • affiliate marketing
  • How will public relations change in the future
    • focus on genuine and authentic relationships vs. bribery
    • mindful and ethical ways of conducting business in PR
    • supporting brands that are making a positive impact in the world
    • social accountability

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Tristan Thibodeau is the founder of Wild Womn Haus and is the brand strategist for entrepreneurs in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brand industries.

She specializes in helping companies create and maintain their image. She works with market research, industry analysis, and consumer trends to offer strategic insights for brands so that they can enhance their marketing efforts and grow their bottom line.

Follow her on Instagram @tristan.wildwomnhaus and follow the agency on Instagram @wildwomnhaus and on TikTok @tristan.wildwomnhaus!

This is a decorative image of Lydia Bagaroza, the guest expert in this episode of The Wild Womn Hotline titled "Why Public Relations is Important for Your Brand w/Publicist, Lydia Bagaroza".

If you enjoyed today’s guest expert, Lydia Bagarozza, and want to learn more about her work, you can find her on Instagram @lydmariebag, on TikTok @@lydiabagarozza, and on her website www.lydiabagarozza.com

Don’t forget to check out Lydia’s “Free Signature PR Checklist” which includes all the items you need on hand to get started on your press journey today!

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