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Even though I’m a lifelong marketer, I knew I desired support from Tristan and her team as soon as we first connected. During the time I worked with Wild Womn Haus, I was so grateful to have a mirror and additional sets of eyes, experiences, and perspectives to help me redefine and rebrand my business. ⁠ Over the course of a few months, my revised mission, services, messaging, and meaning all came together and we developed beautiful new assets to go along with all of it. Tristan is a talented strategist with a natural ability to see your magic and she over-delivered over and over. ⁠ I'm in love with what we've built together and so thankful for the support I received from the agency. Thank you, Tristan & team!


01 / 11

My container with WWH was an immense blessing. Not only did I have someone rooting for me every step of the way, but Tristan also exemplified leadership by hearing my concerns, and then showing me how to identify, organize, and prioritize the very steps to arrive at where I was headed. Working with Wild Womn Haus will be a decision that you can respect yourself for making, an investment that will bring clarity to your passion, and a fun experience that includes being celebrated by your coach all the while learning to celebrate yourself. Trus that you will experience genuine heart-minded support that leaves you with strategy and joy in your work! THANK YOU!


02 / 11

Before working with Wild Womn Haus, I was lost and without clarity. I have been running my own service-based business for about a decade and winging it, and I intently ventured on to become a personal brand. After a few years of winging it again, I realized that it was time to hire professionals. While working with Wild Womn Haus, I gained clarity on my vision and brand and quickly connected to my purpose again. With the team's support, I quickly tidied up my brand, became more clear about who I was serving, created automation and sales pages, and refined my courses to launch. My first launch was over 20k! You don’t have to do everything yourself, and hiring a fantastic team only helps clear the path more quickly. Go, WWH team! Thank you for everything!!


03 / 11

The best thing about working with Tristan is that you will learn so many things you didn’t know you didn’t know. When I started, I thought I was going into this container to get help with mostly the design and copy for my website and social media. Did we do that? Absolutely. But the entire process was so much more than just choosing colors and fonts that I love. It’s about truly CREATING your brand from the inside out and it was done in a way that didn’t feel like work AT ALL. The process was fun and exciting and helped me find a deeper power in both myself and the business that is going to motivate me to scale my business into something much bigger than I ever imagined. I recommend working with Tristan and Wild Womn Haus 1000%.


04 / 11

The best decision of my life was working with Wild Womn Haus! Before signing on with WWH, I had just discovered my new life’s mission due to a change in my profession and was super excited because I have waited a very long time for this moment. At the same time, I felt completely clueless about how and what to communicate my message. I was not feeling confident at all about moving forward. Within the first few minutes of my Complimentary Call with Tristan Thibodeau, I felt I was in the safe hands of an exemplary professional who is passionate about capturing the real, authentic you. With Tristan’s support, we co-created brand content, client onboarding and back-end processes, a marketing plan, and my coaching packages. Huge Thank you!


05 / 11

I came to Tristan with an idea for a business, and a hunch that it was needed, and left with a full business plan, website, and complete set of services. She took my jumbled words and intentions for a business and turned them into a clear mission and vision for the change I wanted to make in the world. Tristan provided more than just brand strategy, on our calls she provided me with useful resources to solve a problem, showed me how different tools help support business needs, and provided me with advice and business strategy/guidance. She was a mentor, business guide, AND MORE. I am so glad that I hired Tristan at the start of my business venture. I didn't even know that I needed all of this help and I am so glad I found her when I did. She used her years of experience and talent to create something truly meaningful, and my business is going to flourish because of our work together. Do not hesitate to hire her!


06 / 11

My experience working with Wild Womn Haus was beyond EXCEPTIONAL! Just weeks ago I was feeling frustrated and uninspired by my brand image and messaging. I felt stuck in the fact that I just couldn't quite grasp the imagery and overall energy of my brand's mission. It only existed in my mind and felt directionless. Finding Tristin and her team at Wild Womn Haus was truly a gift from the universe. within the first few meetings, I felt we were truly able to get out on paper all the magic that was living inside me and my vision for Ignite Your Light Co. I am finishing up with their team and I have to say that I'm truly grateful for our time together. My brand energy and vision are clearer than ever and the website is in construction. My photoshoot is booked and I'm so excited to introduce my audience to our finished product! A truly luxurious experience. I highly recommend Wild Womn Haus for anyone building a business with a mission and a message, This team works magic and truly gets it. I was able to stay in my area of genius and let these professionals support me with theirs! Thank you! Ashley Rose Psychic Business Mentor.


07 / 11

Before I started working with Wild Womn Haus, I was feeling uninspired by my brand and website. It no longer matched who I was or the work I was doing but I felt stuck around how to pivot and rebrand so that it felt more authentic. They helped guide me every step of the way and made the process so much easier and quicker than had I tried to do alone. Without their help, I would still be where I was (for over a year, I might add) twiddling my thumbs and overthinking everything without taking action. WWH is great at what they do, they are there every step of the way guiding you forward, and such a pleasure to work with. If you are starting a business or rebranding like I was, you are going to be in good hands!


08 / 11

Working with Tristan and the Wild Womn Haus team was an absolutely incredible experience! Before I decided to work with Tristan in developing my brand vision, I felt lost. I had a BIG dream for what I wanted to create but felt intimidated about how to best bring it to life. In the end, I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the results! Working with Tristan [and Mio] was more than just a “brand design” service. It was a complete business and life-altering experience, and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be supported by Tristan and her team. 10 out of 10 recommend!


09 / 11

Before I started working with Wild Womn Haus, I was feeling a lot of doubt about my business strategy. I didn't feel as though my business was really embodying what I fought so hard to create. When I found out about Wild Womn Haus and their amazing design team, I was so excited to work with them! I received so much much than I expected, from text support to weekly calls to make sure communication and deadlines were clear and being met. Tristan and Meera were absolutely amazing to work with and they showed up and delivered everything they promised! I would go through this process with them 1000 times over to work with these two again! You will not be disappointed. This company knows how to serve its customers!!


10 / 11

Prior to working with Tristan, I felt a lack of confidence in the foundation of my brand. Without this strong foundation, everything felt wobbly and like it could fall at any moment. I could feel into the vision I had for the brand, but was struggling to connect the dots. After working with Tristan I feel more clarity around my brand than I ever have before. She was able to reveal the elements that were doing the brand a disservice. Tristan is so gifted at what she does. Her ability to create more depth is extraordinary. Our time together took my brand from lukewarm to boiling hot. I finally feel like I am off the hamster wheel and have a clear direction that I am confident in. Tristan exudes passion. This is someone who knows what she is doing and is definitely in her zone of genius. She challenged me to think bigger and to use my imagination in a way I have felt disconnected from. If you are looking to make serious moves in your business don’t think twice about working with her. It will be a huge catalyst for you.


11 / 11

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